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  1. Check out our snow Thurs east n West coast ridge road Burr! 

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  2. They don’t show up on my deck or close by because of the dogs. I have lost dogs to mountain lions at night years ago. Now they are in an hour Before sunset. And I saw a coyote try to entice one of my dogs out past his boundary, and I have seen foxes and the usual other critters – including one of Sammy Avila’s bulls one time, and a 1/2 dozen rattlesnakes or more.


  3. About where is this? And where might be the closest/most accessible snow from Monterey after the storm of Sunday??

  4. Jack’s peak? In Monterey? I hike there all the time, highest elevation is only 1,048’… definitely no snow there

  5. Kate,

    I can still see snow patches on mountain tops from CV Airfield- for a better view better pack a good pair of binoculars.

  6. The mountains behind carmel valley as in just due east of carmel valley road? Or up by chews ridge?

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