New Fire, Dolan Fire, Hwy 1, Big Sur, 8/18/20

Go watch a video bigsurkiyote (lance lindborg) posted. It is crazy! That’s on instagram. Just search for his screen name.

It is now 1:15. I will probably make it until 2, but not much past that, I fear. Here is a photo by Scott Moffat who says:

Took these earlier tonight from the top of hot springs canyon. I
watched the fire climb out of Dolan watershed and spill over into Hot
Springs canyon with the wind at my back. Silhouettes of tree skeletons
from the recent fires still stand as the current inferno rages towards

by Scott Moffatt

Midnight, and at 11:45 — from scanner (not confirmed): Fire burning downhill with rapid rate of spread. Spotting downhill 100 yards out ahead of itself. Esalen Institute threatened!!! Structure protection needed asap. Fire behavior described as extreme.

Photo by David Halterman, around 11:30 pm from 7

Here is a photo from just minutes before they closed the road near/at this location.

photo by Kara Stout

11 pm — Highway One is closed, Nacimiento is closed. (??? From scanner traffic)

Photo by Mike Gilson taken about 10 pm

Per the scanner 10:20PM: Sheriff Rescue calling CHP for a hard closure of HWY1 for fire coming down the hill.

State Forest Ranger/ CalFire are reporting the Dolan Fire, approx. 90 acres, 2-miles into the forest. Approximate location is 55427 Highway 1 in Big Sur,  36 7.166 x 121 35.986.

Post will be updated as info becomes available.

Per Wildcad:

08/18/2020 20:04LPF-2428
DolanWildfire36 7.166 x 121 35.986.....36 7.398, -121 36.09621S R3E Sec 11

3 thoughts on “New Fire, Dolan Fire, Hwy 1, Big Sur, 8/18/20

  1. We just got a call from Lance Lindborg. He said the fire is coming down the ridge behind Buck Creek.

  2. Lance was referring to the ridge at Hot Springs. I thought when we were on the phone he was referring to Buck Creek.

  3. Lance posted a video on IG that is incredible. Jane meant Hot Springs, not Buck Creek. On IG Lance is bigsurkiyote. Watch it.

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