Photos from the South Coast

Below will be a series of photos taken at the Hermitage today, 8/22 by Brendon, and on the highway, by me. If you are looking for the reports on the fires, click here for Dolan or here for Carmel and River fires

From Brendon Shave at the Hermitage:

The following are by bigsurkate on the highway

Catching some zzzs at Plaskett Creek campgroun
Sand Dollar Beach
Another dozer for the cause
First sign of fire, middle ridge in this photo
CHP John and USFS PIO Anna, holding down the fort at Lucia
Hermitage Driveway staging
Looks like a spike camp getting set up, NW of PV Station – helicopter fuel truck on left. US Food truck at Pv Station across the road and down a bit.
Look PMC! We brought our own porta potties!!!

And that is how the afternoon of Saturday, August 22 looked on the south coast. When we left to go to Cambria, we passed many, many cars heading UP the coast, but coming back, we were one of the few going north. Very few cars stopped on the side of the road after getting into the closed area at Ragged Point. There was no one lined up at any of the road blocks we drove around. Limekiln, Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek all closed. The north coast, I am hearing is a different story and that Sycamore Canyon and Pfeiffer Beach were a nightmare for residents. Our dirt roads are still a mess, but fortunately, not being made more so.

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  1. Thanks Kate, for those of us who love Big Sur and are hanging on every scrap of news, it was helpful to visualize, the fire and the fire-fighters and other first responders. Here in Santa Cruz my son, daughter-in-law, and 21 year old grandson, plus two kitties, are evacuated into our one bedroom guest cottage, with grandson in the Casita travel trailer. Each is online for work and college studies. They expect to be here for weeks until Ben Lomond is safe to return. Only a couple blocks from the ocean and the Boardwalk, still the air is dismal, hard to breathe. They moan with each report of a San Lorenzo Valley friend’s home destroyed. But we share meals, play Scrabble and cheer one another, grateful to be together.

  2. G’G’_Ma: Not Circle M, but with their daughter & a tenant as fire fighters, I’m sure they’re in good hands. Their son & wife have also come to help. Haven’t heard any news of losses in that area so all must be good! In fact structures were saved @ the Hermitage, so news is good for that area.

  3. We know of at least one cabin at the Big Creek Reserve that burned and are waiting for an update today on several others. They did not appear to receive point protection (from what we heard so far).

  4. Thank you Kate for the only reliable information regarding the status of Plaskett Creek Campground. It’s like the Forest Service is asleep!

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