Dolan Fire, Day 22, 9/8/20

Effective immediately an UPGRADED evacuation ORDER is now in place for South Coast Ridge Road Zone K. Leave the area immediately. The evacuation ORDER area for Zone K is as follows:  

Area bounded by Hwy 1 at about Mile Marker 15, East to intersection of Prewitt Creek Ridge Road and South Coast Ridge Road, South along South Coast Ridge Road to intersection of Los Burros Road and South Coast Ridge Road, west along Los Burros Road to Hwy 1 near Mile Marker 11, to include Plasket Ridge Road, San Martin Top, and Alder Creek Road.


New update coming soon, but for now Dolan has expanded to 73, 089 acres.

Before I get to the bad news, here is a lovely morning shot sent to me by Linda Sonrisa Jones. It is much appreciated down here where I am smoked in. It is so dark, I had to turn a light on.

And now for the bad news. We all saw it last night. We watched the Dolan fire dragon wake up and spread its wings all over Big Sur. I got fire photos from many different points of view. But John Chesnut’s heat map really tells the story. Be ready for plenty of new evac warnings and orders today.

18 thoughts on “Dolan Fire, Day 22, 9/8/20

  1. Kate, I am stunned by the increase in fire size and empathize tremendously with what you and others are experiencing now. Are you able to explain what caused the fire growth. In Carmel Valley Village late afternoon we saw the giant plume rise up and feared for today’s news.

  2. So sorry to see the new spread. It is tremendous and frightening. I was hoping that the firefighters had made progress…now I see that the inferno is growing!

  3. Hey Everyone,

    This is Scary. Check out the NexLab Satellite website (

    Click on Localized Sectors to get to Big Sur.

    In the ABI Band select Particle Size (NIR) – Animate the map (bottom right), then set No. of Frames to 200. Watch the Dolan Fire area closely. Around 0515 UTC there is a beam coming from the fire going all the way up into Oregon, near the Malheur NWR. (Speed can be set by clicking FF or RW)

    It can also be seen in the RGB Color Product Band -“Natural” Color-Fire although much fainter.

    I saw this on a YouTube Video ( VERY INTERESTING

  4. this would be a good time to actually take an aggressive approach to putting this fire out. Now is not the time to “manage”a fire with all the associated costs involved. Put the fire out now and come back and manage the area in non-fire season weather when all the logistics of fire camps, air program and personnel are dramatically reduced or eliminated. The end result right now is people up and down the coast get to enjoy smoke and ash raining down.

  5. Thank you for your plucky reporting! Wondering if Avila Adobe / Rancho Salsipuedes was hit? I would like to send you an image of the view of the fire effects from the east side of Ventana Wilderness, as it works it’s way south and interior toward many of us. How to send an image?

  6. I have heard from 1 family on the ridge close to Naci that they are evacuating, expecting the fire to burn their property, despite all of their work to protect it. I hope everyone makes it out safely.

  7. I am probably going to be leaving some time today, so send me a tex to 831-818-8026 so I have your contact info. I may already, but just in case.

  8. Stay Safe Dear Kate! Thank you for your amazing work updating all of us about these fires. I hope and pray your home will be spared. Take good care!

  9. To all Dolan Fire evacuees. The Red Cross will provide assistance to those heading south during evacuation. Call 831-796-1908.

  10. Katherine, the structures at the Hermitage are (to the best of my knowledge based on what I’ve received from Prior Cyprian) unharmed. The property was burned pretty heavily from the top of the ridge to just above the pond (which is about a 1/2 mile above the monastic enclosure). The lower part of the property was the focus of backburning efforts to help control the fire.

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