Evacuation Order

I will be unavailable for a while. I am preparing to evacuate.

Notifications can be found here.

Effectively immediately an Evacuation WARNING is now in place for Zone M – Salmon Creek. The evacuation Order area for Zone M is as follows:

Highway 1@Salmon Creek Falls (Mile Post 2) south to the Monterey County Line. Highway 1 west to the Pacific Ocean. Highway 1 East to Salmon creek Rd (including all roads and tributaries contained within)

Effectively immediately an Evacuation ORDER is now in place for Zone L – Gorda.  Leave the area immediately. The evacuation Order area for Zone L is as follows: 

Highway 1 at Los Burros Road to Salmon Creek Falls (Mile post 2) including all roads and tributaries contained within.  West of Highway 1 to the Pacific Ocean. East of Highway 1 to South Coast Ridge Road.

Effective immediately an UPGRADED evacuation ORDER is now in place for South Coast Ridge Road Zone K. Leave the area immediately. The evacuation ORDER area for Zone K is as follows:  

Area bounded by Hwy 1 at about Mile Marker 15, East to intersection of Prewitt Creek Ridge Road and South Coast Ridge Road, South along South Coast Ridge Road to intersection of Los Burros Road and South Coast Ridge Road, west along Los Burros Road to Hwy 1 near Mile Marker 11, to include Plasket Ridge Road, San Martin Top, and Alder Creek Road.

Evacuation Map is here.

Evacuation Map ss of 2PM:

13 thoughts on “Evacuation Order

  1. Keeping you in good thoughts.
    Stay safe and thanks for all you do.
    If you need a place to park ur rv,hollar.

  2. It sounds like this may be you, Kate. Glad you have an RV and friends wanting to host you. Good fortune to you all.

  3. Kate, we love you! Thank you for all you do to keep this lifeline necklace of connection and information in place.

  4. So awful. Horrible news on top of terrible news on top of bad news and it just never stops. I can only hope people heeded your warnings (along with others) to get out. Know that there are a lot of people out here who want to help any way we can.

  5. I was afraid this was you…, if you need anything! Call! And let us know where you are … sending safety thoughts to all in harms way.

  6. As others have written, be safe. Positive energy and concern coming to you and all who have been forced to evacuate from the East Coast

  7. Dear Kate, You always have a sanctuary with us to rest and recharge at our coastal nest. We are also ready to receive some of our family members from the devastating Creek fire too. Be safe everyone.

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