Evening Update, Dolan Fire, 9/8/20

First off, for all the many kind offers of somewhere to stay. To get north I would have to come through Paso Robles anyway, and I am just too tired to even think of going further. I really appreciate the offers. I am settled in tonight and tomorrow at an RV park in Paso Robles that Rock Knocker and I have used many times before. He evacuated and went and got his RV and I met him here in my Sprinter. Lady is having a new adventure and she’s just not sure about this motorhome, yet.

The news of the firefighters, the Nacimiento Station saddens me greatly. Two of the firefighter, the one who is critical and the one who is serious I know well. I pray for them tonight, and for the others who lives through the experience with them.

I heard stories and saw neighbors as they came through or we met on the road. Vehicles loaded with pets, possessions, and the pieces of our lives. We all hope to have homes to come home, too. I will write more tomorrow, but tonight I am too drained to think. I teeter tottered between numbness from shock and feeling like I might break down in tears. I was driving. Can’t do that. So maybe tonight I’ll take a few minutes to grieve tor the destruction of the land and the critters I have lived with for 33 years, 26 of them up here.

In the meantime, here is the John Chesnut map. Not everything would load, and he suspects overload of the system. Tomorrow, at a reasonable time…I might get to sleep in.

23 thoughts on “Evening Update, Dolan Fire, 9/8/20

  1. Kate, thank you for your tireless and passionate coverage of all things Big Sur! Rest. Pray. Grieve. Hope. My heart is with you, as it is with your fellow community members and the courageous first responders.

  2. I am relieved you are safe, but I am so sad for you, all the humans and animals who have been swept up in unfolding tragedy. I weep with you.

  3. Thank you for your service. I send you support in your grief….and prayers for your home and community.

  4. We are so indebted to you for your self-less public service. Many of us depend on Big Sur Kate for accurate, timely, and detailed information. We hope your neighbors and you are left unscathed by the Dolan Dragon. We will send positive thoughts.

  5. Kate- you have my email. Use that or call if there is anything I can do from a distance. 404-388-8653.

  6. Send vodka. Just kidding. Where would you send it too? Keep up with the politics so I an check it out on your FB page when I get a minute, would be nice. 🤪

  7. So glad to hear you made it out safely! My prayers with yours for the injured firefighters and all affected by this.

  8. So glad you and others in your area made it out safely. I’m in the SLO area, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out. So sorry to hear about the firefighters, and am sending so much love to you and all of Big Sur.

  9. 2020, ugh, enough please! Kate, glad you are safe. Sending healing energy to the injured firefighters, and peaceful vodka-infused-like rest to you! We are in Cambria if we can do something for you physically.

  10. Every blessing, Kate. Know this terrible drill all too well. Be well. And may we all—and especially those most in danger—learn how to assuage, as well as we can, anxiety. May we learn how not to add unnecessarily to suffering. And, of course, for the trees and other critters.

  11. My heart hurts for all 💔 thank you for your unending preserveance and caring on behalf of all who love the piece of heaven on earth you call home, Kate 💚

  12. Hi Kate, What a change of events. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was evacuating, and now you are. Hey, I just wanted to send some love and prayers your way. Let’s hope for the best! I’ll be here if you need me…

  13. Life sure can get tenuous, be strong Kate. This tragedy will pass. Healing will follow.

  14. These times that are beyond words, Kate! I struggle to find words. You, the wild critters, our spectacular natural wonders, the fire fighters who risk their lives and health for us, are woven into the warp and weft of our community–into our hearts. Weeping and walking this early morning I hold you all in love and spirit. Big hug!

  15. Traumatic times..Terrible experiences and devastation. So glad you made it to a safe place. When times get this bad I always rely on Willie Nelson who helps me with his song https://youtu.be/rdtx-pxjX8A I hope it gives you the strength to keep the keeping on <3

  16. So sorry to hear of your evacuation along with others in the zones. We along the interior nacimiento river side are waiting in a somber red amber haze of mixed smoke, ash and (thankfully) some marine influence. The crews are setting up in Lockwood, because the base is trying to back burn it off– according to what I can learn. Pins and needles. Hope you are able to return soon. Thank you for your work.

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