Dolan Fire Photos, 9/8/20

My son took these over from Prewitt Ridge, I think he said, before he came back and said, “Mom, let’s start evacuating. Let’s get your Sprinter down the hill. I’ll follow you and bring you back, and then we can get anything else, and get your truck and you can leave whenever you want.” He was wonderful…calm, organized, and helpful. Made it so much easier on me.

Warning. These photos are distressing.

21 thoughts on “Dolan Fire Photos, 9/8/20

  1. Oh wow….distressing, indeed….sigh. My heart is with all the sentient beings up there. And it certainly makes it more manageable with someone like your son to help hold it all together…amazing pictures, too. Thanks for keeping us up close and personal with this sacred place oxoxoxo

  2. Yay B!!!
    Good for him staying calm and being organized and helpful. Those photos are apocalyptic! Last night was terrifying!

  3. Yay B!!!
    Good for him staying calm and being organized and helpful. Those photos are apocalyptic!

  4. Breathe deep, if you can, wherever you are. Lots of prayers for you, for all the people and critters and land and for the firefighters…

  5. Stay safe and sending love and support to all the people/animals with land and homes effected by the fires and to the brave fire fighters battling the infernos.

  6. Dear Kate – I have followed you for years and have never commented. You are a worldly treasure. Pay attention to your son’s calm and measured advice and take good care of yourself.

  7. We made it through the Salmon Ck fire in 1970. Then the animals and I walked out together. Things come back/ fire is not the end. My heart goes to the critters.

  8. Hi Kate – we moved onto Pfeiffer Ridge a couple years ago, and I discovered your blog a few months back, when I was looking for info on the crazy situation on the old coast road with the Davey driver. You are truly a gem, and I’m so sorry you’ve been swept up in this fire. But, I’m sure this is not your first rodeo. Praying for you and all the critters up there, 2 and 4 legged. Glad you’re safe, and thank the universe for calm, clear adult children.

  9. This is so scary, stay safe, XXX Nancy
    Ward and Angie are at Morning Glory Ranch, hoping it doesn’t swing back around on the Hermitage and them.

  10. to be fair, all photos thus far of the fire have been distressing, hang in there everyone

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