Dolan Fire, Day 29, 9/15/20

Effective immediately
The Evacuation Warnings have been lifted for the following zones:


The area of the above Zones are as follows:

Highway 1 at Post Mile 39(Torre Canyon Bridge)
South to:

Highway 1 at the road into the Camaldoli Hermitage(post mile 22)
West of Highway 1 to the Pacific Ocean
East of Highway 1 to North Coast Ridge Road

This zone does not include the road into the Camaldoli Hermitage

Effective immediately
The Evacuation ORDER of B2-LUCIA SOUTH ZONE has been downgraded to an Evacuation WARNING.

The B2-LUCIA SOUTH ZONE area is as follows:

Highway 1 at the road into the Camaldoli Hermitage(post mile 22)
South to:

Highway 1 at Nacimiento Fergusson Road
West of Highway 1 to the Pacific ocean
East of Highway 1 to Cone Peak Road

The southern boundary is, but NOT including Nacimiento Fergusson Road.

This zone includes the road into the Camaldoli Hermitage

NOTE: The forest area is still under a forest closure order, so all trails in the forest and trailheads into the forest are closed.

As a reminder an “Evacuation WARNING” (i.e. sometimes used interchangeably with the term “Advisory”) means those in a specific area/zone should be prepared to evacuate at any time. You do not need to leave your home at this time but please be alert and prepared to leave if an evacuation order is called.

An “Evacuation ORDER” means those in a specific area/zone should leave immediately.

If you feel that your life is in danger, do not wait for an emergency notification.

Additionally: When an Evacuation Order is in place for a zone(s), this means the public, including residents, are not allowed to enter the zone(s). The closures will have Law Enforcement roadblocks on northern and southern closure of Highway 1 turning cars around that are not authorized to be in the closure. This also includes no “In and out” privileges for subjects who decided to stay at their properties despite the Evacuation Order. If you leave the closed area, you will not be allowed to re-enter.


YESTERDAY’S ACTIVITIES: Firefighters made good progress constructing fire line between Prewitt ridge along McKern and Nacimiento-Fergison Roads yesterday. The critical piece of ground connects the existing black contained fire perimeter along roads to Highway 1 in preparation for a burnout operation that is intended to prevent the fire from moving south.  

CalFire resources have added capacity to the structure protection work in Arroyo Seco in addition to assisting with the construction of containment lines on the east side of the fire. 

TODAY’S ACTIVITIES: Dozers are finishing the process of widening roads being used as fire line between Prewitt Ridge and existing black containment lines on the southern portion of the fire area. The burnout operation will take a few days to execute but is being done to tie in and hold the southern portion of the fire area. 

Night crews prepared day shift firefighters by laying 5,500 feet of hose on McKern Road in preparation for holding ignitions that are planned to start at Prewitt Ridge, moving slowly east today. Ignitions in this area will move slowly with the assistance of aerial resources dropping retardant along the road to moderate fire behavior. This work is being done in anticipation of a forecasted wind change with predominant southerly winds changing to northwest winds later this week.  

Similar weather conditions will face firefighters again today as a marine layer moderates fire activity on the coastal side, which will assist firefighters in continuing the methodical work of bringing fire around the Pacific Valley subdivision down to Highway 1. Hot and dry conditions will persist inland and on the east side of the fire area and firefighters are expecting very active fire behavior. 

Structure protection work continues in the Arroyo Seco area with both federal forces and CalFire preparing those structures in case fire pushes into the Arroyo Seco drainage. Helicopters will cool hot spots as smoke conditions allow. Firefighters will continue working to keep fire south and east of the river. There are no plans for a burnout operation from Arroyo Seco at this time unless wind and weather conditions push fire managers to execute a contingency plan to burnout around that area for the safety of the public and to protect private property. 

Dozers from CalFire and Ft. Hunter Liggett are continuing the construction of fire line from Arroyo Seco along the base of Pine Canyon and using the 2008 Indian Fire scar as a control feature. These fire lines will eventually be used as the perimeter of a large burnout operation to prevent the fire from moving farther east into Pine Canyon. 

EVACUATIONS: The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office has evacuations ORDERS and WARNINGS in effect. For current evacuation information view the OES interactive map or call 211. SCPA Monterey County can assist with rescuing, sheltering, and evacuating animals. Call 831-373-2631 – day; 831-264-5455 – night;

ROAD CLOSURES: HWY 1 is closed between mile post 25 and mile post 10. Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd is closed to all traffic from Highway 1 to the Fort Hunter Liggett base boundary line. For more information visit REGIONAL FOREST CLOSURES: Regional Order No. 20-10 USDA Forest Service. All National Forest Lands are closed to public entry in California.  

WEATHER: The lifting of the marine layer will happen sooner today and lead to increased fire activity this morning and throughout the day. Hot temperatures and terrain driven southwest winds are predicted throughout the day. 

Dolan Fire 

Los Padres National Forest

Public Information Phone: 831-272-0222 

Media Information Phone: 831-272-0221 

Incident E-mail: 

Incident Website:


Here is an interesting map John found. Nothing new, but the progression is fascinating. Note, the fire fighting powers do not count the first 24 hours as an “operations day” as it is referred to as “initial attack.”

Starting our day again with John Chesnut’s maps:

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