Last night’s plume

I know. I am done, so done with the fire, but it doesn’t want to be done with me. Last night’s plume visible from apparently just about everywhere came from a “green island” well inside the containment lines, and not a threat to any structures or similar resources, per the USFS IMT 15 PIO. Of course, always a threat to the critters’s resources — homes and habitats. I am told this was between Nacimiento Campground and the little bridge per a local witness. Hard to tell in the dark. (Photo by Geri Baird)

And from John Chestnut this am: “

The VIIRS satellite shows the heat location of the source of the smoke column visible in recent days.
I mapped these satellite heat returns on to the Veg IR (Sentinel) satellite map.    The smoke is in an “island” of unburned tree canopy,  surrounded by fully burned fire zone.
The Veg IR Sentinel observation, is also of interest because of the other areas of low intensity (ground) fire as opposed to destructive crown fire that it shows.”

Additional from John Chesnut: “Rectangle is my hand drawn boundary of the VIIRS satellite detections (began yesterday morning).   The little ellipse is a second VIIRS detection from yesterday afternoon (not repeated this morning).
Attached is the source for the VIIRS detections overlaid on the Google Earth image.   I felt using the IR image (with the obvious red burned area and green residual canopy coverage was useful in explaining the fire zone and the green “islands”).”

3 thoughts on “Last night’s plume

  1. It was hard to look at the smoke plumes in the cam. I felt the threat once more. Knee jerk action I admit but I am getting paranoid every time there is another flare up. This fire weather is frightening once again. Bless our firefighters and keep them safe.

  2. This flare up was close to Salsipuedes ! Lucky the ash fall was cool and no wind. Many spots and unburned tree canopy’s on Salsipuedes. Salsipuedes Adobe has been her for 250 years and Ancient village site for thousands.

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