6 thoughts on “Today’s plume

  1. I noticed earlier on NOAA some concern emerging about Dolan Fire due to continued heat and potential winds over the coming days. Aside from the ongoing sense of alert about the fire, do you know if these plumes are considered indicators of increased Dolan activity? Thank-you!

  2. Oh Kate! I hate seeing sights like these knowing what it’s like to live under the threat of wildfire. I can’t think of a whole lot of things that can be more stressful.
    Take care… stay safe and healthy!

  3. From Thousands Flee Fires in Northern California, 9-30-2020, Wall St. Journal, page A-3: “Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday that the state plans to double it’s vegetation management efforts to reduce wildfire risk…”. I guess this is what passes as being “proactive” from the present day political class. “Too sad to be funny. Too funny to be sad.” Langston Hughes.

  4. Well, there’s certainly less vegetation to deal with now in the 200,000 acres of the Dolan Fire area and the 2 million (?) acres in CA!

  5. I live very near this flare up. Within one air mile. Salsipuedes adobe built 250 years ago . A Chumash firefighter my two sons and me prevailed and dolan dragon spared us. Usfs backfire line from Escondido to upper Milpitas created a monster that went over,under and around he four of us. We witnessed the massive fire cloud that crowned and consumed the Usfs station on nacimento Ferguson ridge.

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