Back Country Report

The best part of the trip was probably seeing several of my neighbors out working on the road making sure it was passable! Thank you all! My community is amazing. We don’t wait on the agencies, we help ourselves and each other. Rock Knocker even stopped on Nacimiento and redirected some water that would have ended up undermining the road if it wasn’t diverted to a better path, and we waited and watched to make sure it worked. Here are just a few photos I took. I have an article I have to write today, an interview with a reporter for the NYT, and so much clean up to do I don’t know where to start! Oh, and we were stopped by the FHL police who was making sure who we were, where we lived, where we were coming from and making sure we knew the road was closed. I will be adding a few more throughout the day. These are chronologically ordered, so the new ones I add will be on the bottom, if you revisit this evening.

The rivers shown are the Nacimiento River and the Salinas River.

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  1. Water Water everywhere. Even down here in Cayucos we have 19″ since Sept 2022. Hwy one at Morro Bay was flooded & closed for a period.

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