8 thoughts on “Mill Creek Slide photo essay by Brendon Shave

  1. Brendon is pretty damn good behind the shutter of these…and other pics keeping us up-to-date on what’s happening down the coast. Well done.

  2. We are fighting CalTrans on several of their disastrous plans to steaughten/widen Highway 1 on the Mendocino Coast. I’d like to share these photos of CT’s failures with our group of that’s ok. (With credit!)

  3. eh, fwiw I vote that CalTrans does a pretty damned good job around here ! this land is steep and unstable, attempting to keep this little ribbon of a road functional is madly difficult and they do quite well. I manage about 2 miles of my own and have managed roads for decades, I know whereof i speak. can’t speak of elsewhere but here I reckon they’re close to heroic in their efforts.

    and yeah, that slide is a handful of chaos and look, they have it open already

  4. I get it, Richard; I lived down there for almost 20 years … They’re on it there and they get the road open as fast as possible. Some of their fixes aren’t great but yes, it’s unstable. Interestingly, CT is run very differently in different districts. Up here, on the Mendocino Coast it’s a vastly different story with higher ups chomping at the bit to destroy this section of Highway One. Our group, the Albion Bridge Stewards have been holding them to account for over 5 years now as they try and steamroll over County and Coastal laws.

  5. Not bragging well maybe but things just aren’t the same as when my dad and his crew was at willow springs 😄

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