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I started a new page entitled “When tourists enter the wilds …” I invite you to read it and join in on the conversation. You can send your ideas privately, if you choose, and I will add it anonymously.

I am hoping we start envisioning and sharing solutions for a problem that continues to worsen. We cannot ban tourists (although some of us would like to), some of them are too dumb to be educated, and I’ve been told I can’t shoot them (well, no one has really TOLD me, but its a good guess), so what options do we have? I posted a couple of solutions being used in the preserves of India, and another for the Conservancies of New Zealand. One solution offered by a reader is the implementation of wilderness schools which serve to educate and elevate would-be enthusiasts. Wish we could require that of all who enter here. I will continue to search for other ideas and solutions, and I invite all of you to do so as well, and add it to that page or email it to me.

On another stream of consciousness, Sue, the garden seed goddess and distributor from SLO is sending her 2008 veggie seed packets to Tassajara, and flower seed packets to the BSVFB for distribution to the houses which were burned. She is also trying to get donations of garden tools from her retailers that she can send, as well. A simple act of kindness and compassion to demonstrate, at least to me, that there are kind human beings in addition to the yayhoos I meet back in the wilds.

Tomorrow, I will post the time of the 7/31 meeting with John Bradford, USFS and a proposed agenda. Suggestions/changes welcome.

For the seed goddess, Sue:

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  1. The picture above is beautiful, and hopefully seeds will get a good start before fall sets in. Some bulbs can be planted in summer to bloom in fall, but I can’t remember which ones. COSTCO carries them generally.

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