USFS meeting at 1 pm

July 31, 2008. Haven’t heard from anyone else, and the final count was 3/2 for the 1 pm time slot. So, that is the time, folks, by simple majority. Called and spoke with Bradford and confirmed. I also emailed him the below agenda. If we stay on topic, and focused, we should be able to conclude this meeting in two hours (or less). Personally, I am interested in all areas, but cannot devote more than 2 hours to this. Oh, and would someone volunteer to take objective notes, transcribe them and send them to me via email? My hearing is getting worse and I don’t trust myself to gather it all, anymore.

This is a possible agenda:

1. Fire prevention for rest of season: (45 mins)
a. SOD fuel loads, etc.
b. road clearance
c. staffing
d. patrolling
e. USFS concerns
f. Land owner concerns
g. BSVFB concerns

2. Multiple types of wilderness uses: (45 mins)
a. hang gliding (motorized and non-motorized)
b. off-road vehicles
c. hunting season
d. campers
e. USFS concerns
f. Land owner concerns
g. BSVFB concerns

3. If all preventative measures fail, what plans in place in case of fire
(open discussion among interested parties) (1/2 hour)

Conclusion 3:00 pm (I will need to leave, whether it is over or not. I would hope we could accomplish a lot in those two hours.)

Also, see my “When tourists enter the wilds …” page for ideas for dialogue w/ the USFS.

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