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There is a nice guest commentary by Michael Caplin, ex-CPOA president in response to Coastal Commission Senior Deputy Director Charles Lester’s July 17 guest commentary. It primarily addresses the Coastal Commission’s rulings on maritime chaparral and its effects on fire clearance. You can read it here:

This link should work, now.

4 thoughts on “Caplin guest commentary

  1. Kate I couldn’t get to the link you posted for Michael. If others have the same problem they can get to it once they reach the Herald’s main site and inserting ‘Michael Caplin’ in the site search box, and the commenttary will pop up.

  2. OH and I left this comment at Michael Caplin’s commentary:

    “Every area has its hazards and Big Sur is not unique.” The Berkley hills fire is a perfect example. The people went back into the Berkley hills and rebuilt there, so why not Big Sur?

    Senior Deputy Director Charles Lester has his own agenda, directed towards the investors and land barons that want to create housing developments down there for the very wealthy.

    Yosemite fought against those types and won. Big Sur and its surrounding areas need to do the same. The Ventana Wilderness needs to be protected NOW!

  3. Thanks pendoodles– Big Sur HAS fought against those types and won, and that was only with a handfull of folks, in the ’70’s. Paula Walling was especially helpful and I feel confident that we’re sufficiently armed with local talent…..

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