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I realized, it has been a while since I posted any photos, or something uplifting, or ??? So, first, the photograph — two bull elephant seals fighting.

Second, something uplifting — remember the celebration tomorrow at the Spirit Garden at Loma Vista. Music, dancing, and a celebration of Big Sur Rising. I wish I could be there — but my life-before-the-fire (and the courts) dictate that I cannot.

Third, ??? — a thought … I do not know if my life will ever be the same, again. It is hard for me to get back to whatever passes for normal, up here, on a mountain top, in the middle of no where. My priorities are shifting. Perhaps, in six months, when the nightmare has faded, my friends rebuilding, and the courts are off my back, I will simply be another thread in this tapestry of the story that has unfolded. That is my hope.

Fourth, fire stats:

Acres burned: 152,211

Acreage increase (last 12 hours): 2,287

Fireline to build: 0 miles

Date started: 6/21/2008

Percent contained: 79%

Expected containment: 7/30/2008

Injuries: 9

Structures threatened: 1627

Structures destroyed: 26 residences, 32 other

Last, just in case you did not see this healing series being offered, I repost it here:

Dear Big Sur Family and Friends,

The Art of Living Foundation, an International Educational and Service Organization, will be offering a free trauma and stress release program to the Big Sur Community.

This is a great opportunity to release the stress and get some freedom from the intense feelings that have accumulated in our bodies, hearts and minds due to the Big Sur fires.

Many people have expressed this need. We have found this to be so useful in our own lives and are so happy to be able to share it with our community.

The Course will take place on Friday evening, August 1st 6-8 pm Saturday and Sunday August 2nd and 3rd, 9 am -1 pm and Monday evening, August 4th 6-8pm

A commitment to all 4 sessions is needed to attend.

Also we will be having 3 different, meditations guided by the voice of His Holiness, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. His voice alone has the ability to sooth and calm the spirit immensely.

No experience is needed to enjoy the Meditations and all are encouraged and welcome to come. These will be held at Nataraj Yurt 5pm-6pm,Friday August 25th, Mon. 28th, and Wed. August 30th.

To get more information or to RSVP for the course, Contact Hyson or Iris at 667-2827 or

5 thoughts on “It’s time …

  1. Nice image Kate. I am wondering from your perspective how the forest came out of this. From a distance it looks like the fire burned slowly enough in some spots that the under growth was cleared. I haven’t seen any images of completely devastated forest for which I am glad.
    I’m sure it burned hot in spots throughout the 160,000 acres. What is your view Kate?

  2. Love the uplifting focus on life image you post here…proof that life goes on regardless of events we cannot control. You sound as if you REALLY need that meditation and freeing of your spirit KK. Many years ago I learned to ‘let go’…I know it’s an old adage, but when one actually does it, it heals. My life is now lived with the belief that “You can NEVER control people’s thoughts or actions, nor can you EVER control the force of nature herself”. It’s a good adage for me to live by…think about it. Hugs.

  3. Mike — From what I can tell, there are areas where just the understory, or duff burned — a slow, cool, ground fire, but there are whole hillsides which are completely de-nuded. The fire burned so very differently in different areas and at different times, according to weather, etc. It has been one tough fire, all the way around.

    Driving up or down Highway One, one can see completely untouched areas, and then areas where nothing green is left — a moonscape, and, of course, everything in between.

    I drove through the (closed) Ventana Campground and took photos, few of which I have posted. Some redwood areas survived, and others did not. Overall, Ventana Campground was severely impacted. After I drove all the way to the back, noted the taped off areas, the downed trees, and realized I was by myself in an area where redwoods could topple at any time (thus the closure) I decided it was not safe, and left. I think I posted one photo of the fire down to the Women’s bath, but not much more of that trip.

    I can see severe winter mudslide problems in the making. I was married to a Cal-Trans worker with over 25 years experience on this road, and I picked up a few lessons, and I am already thinking about the closure of Highway One at numerous locations this winter. Some could be lengthy. There are going to be many times when I cannot go north.

  4. There is no going back, and such an experience does shift the whole experience of what life is.
    Because there were so many days of smoke, having so much time to look over the material aspects of this life, making decisions about what to save, if one could, was a unique opening of insight about what “stuff” and “place” is all about.
    So, here’s the simplicity–now if the energy will just be so kind as to amplify….

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