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Several of my fire photos have been chosen to be included among 30 photographers for a fire exhibit sponsored by the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art at the Mill Gallery downtown. It will be on display for the entire month of August. Both amateur and professional photographers will be represented. It covers both the Santa Cruz fires, as well as the Big Sur fire.

With the exception of the meeting on 7/31, and the gallery opening on 8/1, my life is full with catching up with the month’s worth of work (and income) that I have lost. The fire has slowed down, and thus, this blog will be slowing down as well. As Betty reminds me, there is no going back, only forward, and taking the lessons of this experience into the rest of my life. May I share the compassion I have been shown and enjoy the simplicity that nature affords.

For those of you who don’t read the comments on my posts, there is a link to a great article in today’s San Jose Mercury about Jack English, 89, in Pine Canyon, who was helicopted out of his place, and then back in again. It is one of the many, many stories to come out of this fire. Do yourself a favor, and read it here:

5 thoughts on “Fire Photo Exhibit

  1. The fire is slowing down, but this is the time the ‘stories’ begin..of heroism, fortitude, recovery, humor, and life continuing. Here is an example: Jack English, 89, returns to Pine Valley. This man is the embodiment of pioneer spirit. Here’s the url:

    And I am collecting fire-animal stories and behavior information for posterity. This means wildlife, domestic animals, any animal story. Please submit to me at:

    Before you ‘sign-off’ Kate, I want to thank you for having space on your blog for fire ‘stuff’. And I hope we can continue the conversation on Wilderness ethics. Good luck with the catching-up! 🙂

  2. Geez…forgot to CONGRATULATE YOU on your photo display!! Wish I was in the area to attend. Maybe another time. CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. GREAT story about Jack English, Z, thanks for posting the link!!

    Oh, I’m not “signing” off, just slowing down, looking to other projects, getting back to some routine that doesn’t have “fire” in it! 8)

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