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Kelly O’Brien is posting this morning about the formulation of a citizen’s group to help develop a plan for the mitigation of future fire damage in the Los Padres National Forest. Her contact information is below in this quote from her blog. If you wish to see the entire article, click on “fire lane” in my blog rolls on the right.

“If we as a community, formed a working group do study and understand the implications, options and limits of issues such as firebreak maintenance and periodic prescribed burns in the Los Padres National Forest (LPNF), AND WE FORMULATED A RECOMMENDATION from a citizens’ group, in the form of a report, to the U.S. Forest Service – LPNF, we could perhaps effect the way our “local” national forest is managed.

If you are willing to be a part of bringing together a community group, the goal of which, over the course of a few years, will be to recommend to the USFS – LPNF a Forest Management Plan that protects our local economy, property and the quality of our watershed, feel free to email me: or call: (831) 659-2320 or (650) 533-1010 cell. I’ll use what resources I have to assist in bringing together those who are interested in working together.

There is a precedent for such action, by the way, in Idaho, which I shall write about, here, in the near future. And, I believe that we have allies politically here in the State of California, who would support a sensible community approach develop from a citizens’ group.”

Kelly and I have been in communication this am, and she is coming to the 7/31 meeting, will record it, and cover it for KUSP with our permission and that of Bradford. I think that is an excellent idea.

Also, I wanted to let you know about a 5-part series begun today in the LA Times about the wildfires in California. Today’s article is about: Big Fires, Big Business — the costs of fighting fires. See:,0,4857752.htmlstory

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