Californians are furious, and rightly so

Today, California stopped paying some of its bills. I am one of the “bills” it stopped paying. Newspapers throughout the state are fighting back with the written word, and editorials are ending up on the front page. (San Jose Mercury, for one)

It is time to do away with the 2/3rds majority vote, particularly as California’s minority party uses it to hold all of us hostage. Only two other states require a “super majority” – Rhode Island and Arizona. It works for them, but not for us. 

Enough is enough.

One thought on “Californians are furious, and rightly so

  1. California has become a disgrace to the whole nation. To the eyes of all across the USA, a state which has billed itself as sophisticated and a leader now stinks with shame. Our leaders could not even pass a budget and pay its bills. When I go up to Idaho next summer, I will not be proud to admit that I have been a Californian. What kind of leadership do we have? And yes, a small uncompromising minority damages the whole state to press their partisan agenda at the expense of everyone else. A foul “ends justify the means” ploy. How disgusting!

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