4 thoughts on “Storm Watch #2, 1/16/10

  1. Drizzle in San Gregorio. Cool breezes slowly circulating. Gingersnaps in the oven. Port before me.


  2. Suggesting ,,, Not Out , Of The Dark , Quite Yet ! ,,, Hi Kate ,, As Always ,,, There is More To Come ,,,, causing , “Never A Dull, Moment” , as that is said, and you know that , too !

    Spring is so , very soon , around the corner ,,, just , Hope , That You, Enjoy, that , Too , if you are , allowed , too !!!

  3. And that #%*&@#X nasty southerly gale wind blew me and my skiff off the ocean.
    The GOES West satellite photo showed that twisting action of cold air wrapping around warm air drawn from the south. That southern band of warm air looks like it is LOADED with moisture… in the “water vapor” model. This day, I tried to get in one last day of commercial fishing in my skiff. But by 11:00 am, that front swept in from the west, with its distinct line of stratus clouds, and a horrendous southerly wind came up instantly…blasting me with large whitecaps riding massive waves rolling into “Ghost Tree” at Pescadero Point off Pebble Beach. It was a drenching battle for survival to make the run back to a safe landing.

  4. Gosh David ,,, that is v nasty weather , out there offshore ,,, what were you fishing for ?

    What is your skiff speed over ground ?

    Probably not enough speed , when you are trying to outrun bad weather approaching !

    Makes one feel very religous , and pray a lot !

    Glad that you are safe to get on line , once again !


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