Storm Watch 1/18/10, part II

8:00 pm – More heavy rain. The last one was short-lived, as was this one.

6:45 pm – HEAVY rain and hail. It is so loud I cannot hear my movie over it. Hopefully, just a cloud burst.

N-F RD. ROAD CLOSED – I received a report from a local that Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. is closed on the coast side due to downed trees and mudslides. “There were 4 or 5 big trees laying across the road with about 3′ deep debris.”

One thought on “Storm Watch 1/18/10, part II

  1. Sounds Like , my previous comment was premature !!!

    T Y , for sending the weather activity in your area,,, ouch !!!

    “Not Fit For Man Or Beast” would be the proper term !

    When Phenegar Creek let go, and that wiped out the River Inn village ,,, it rained 8″ in one hour,,, in the afternoon ,,, of course the creek sides gave way ,,,, boulders the size of Voltswagons (sp-?) , were crossing the hwy !!!! Gary McQueen, was almost lost , in that one !
    Guess , you will not be delivering any “overnight’s” this week !

    Yes , A Jeep , is the correct vehicle, for your use, on your drive way ,,,, guess that you keep a chain saw in the boot , too.

    No worry of Global Warming sea water , encroaching on your “Beach Front” , is there ? Or maybe there is if it is combined with a plate movement ?

    Is it 80″ of yearly rain, that classifies your area as a “Rain Forest ” ?

    Well , Jeff Norman , says so , and he recorded that figure on his ridge, while he was there, if I remember correctly .

    Wow , are you still connected to the internet ? Will , wonders never cease ?

    God bless you for your endurance , that is what makes “Big Sur People” , a class unto their own .


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