Wildflower Mania, Part II

This morning, my dear friend Barbara Woyt sent me some photos of wildflowers she had taken. We share a passion. She’s also an awesome birder – me, not so much. Some, you will recognize. She didn’t send me the identifications, and while I could guess, I won’t. I’ll just let you enjoy her photographs.
Photo by Barbara Woyt

Photo by Barbara Woyt

Photo by Barbara Woyt

Photo by Barbara Woyt

Photo by Barbara Woyt

Photo by Barbara Woyt

Well, good … no flogging is imminent! Whew! This is what she had to say about what they are (of course, the first one, pink, is a clarkia, and two of them, the Calochortus, you recognize from yesterday, but here is her take on the others:

“the yellow is a singular looking of a usually more many flowered annual that we see after fires – Emmenanthe penduliflora – this was my first one after the Basin fire but I have not seen it in the abundance I remember after other fires … perhaps it is where I am looking but I have seen it sparsely on Partington and down near the coast even in back burn set from the road

…. the creamy white is a Zigadenus fremontii an early perennial and the blue is the brodiaea jolonensis that grows near Jolon but this one is a little different in a way that makes me wonder if that is its exact name. Maybe the plant pro’s will respond & I will find out for sure.” Thanks, Barbara!

It’s hard NOT to get excited when there are beauties like this to find and photograph – or even look at. Join the mania, and see what you can find!

Okay, so I forgot a couple of the captions, BUT, they are ALL by Barbara Woyt! Thanks Barbara, and I know, I know, I didn’t wait for your permission – as you are so very rarely on line. You can flog me later! LOL.

But hold on, it doesn’t end here. You can see more wildflowers from bigsurwoman (Avis Latone) here:
and XT has included some in his bicycle tour down the coast, over N-F Rd. and beyond here

I’m sure there are others who are busy blogging about Big Sur Wildflowers right now, and if I find them, I will include links!

3 thoughts on “Wildflower Mania, Part II

  1. Awwwww I miss Barbara. I have that passion to photograph the flowers but I so respect you amazing woman who know what their botanical and “nick names” are. Great shots Barb. And thanks for the link thingy Kate!

  2. I am struck by the delicacy of these mountain wildflowers in this post and the previous one. Because of this, I am looking more carefully at the little wildflowers here in the midwest.

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