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As all my regular readers know, I post almost every day, unless I am on vacation. Sometimes, life gets in the way. That is what is going on now. I have the map of the brush work going on in our area to scan and upload tomorrow, and a reminder of the Brazil Ranch controlled burn, but the last two days I have had to deal with the hospitalization of my mother, yesterday; my step-father, two days ago; and a friend a week ago. Not to mention a few other matters – which really don’t need to be broadcast. I plan to get the USFS work update uploaded tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.

In the meantime, enjoy the clouds from last night.

Clouds, 7/20/10 by bigsurkate

6 thoughts on “Life & Blogging

  1. Holding your loved ones in prayer… In my exile you are a lifeline to home… Thank you. Love the pictures and updates…

  2. Hmm… three Angels with large muscles join hands. I think you’re covered Kate.

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