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1:30 pm – just got word that the USFS CANCELED the controlled burn at the Brazil Ranch today. Unknown at this point if it will be rescheduled this season.

Additionally, I will scan and upload the map of all the brush work that will be done now through the end of summer later today here on this post. That announcement is also on the USFS page to the right.

Okay, let’s try that again. It came through upside down!

The legend in the lower left corner is extremely hard to read due to the size, but it lists the names, numbers, and length of each section scheduled to be brushed out.

5 thoughts on “USFS projects

  1. Kate, please excuse my ignorance, but why are controlled burns done at peak of summer and not a little closer to cooler fall time? Is there just too much to do?

  2. The burn will be on the large grassland terrace, which is on the coast side of highway one in the marine layer. This is the same area they burned previously..just last year I believe? I’m pretty sure they have to wait for the grass to dry out enough before they can actually get it to catch fire…or at least that was my impression. It is a little bit concerning, especially with the USFS and their “let it burn” approach to fire fighting. Hopefully Cal Fire will be on standby to help out. That area is just a hop, skip,and a jump from Palo Colorado.

  3. I bet Northtree Fire will be in close proximity. I have concerns, too.

  4. Kate the map is really low resolution and I can’t blow it up to read what it says. Can you upload a larger file?

  5. Trey, I tried to get the USFS to send me an electronic version, but it was so huge it wouldn’t go thru. I picked up a hard copy, and scanned it in. As far as I can figure out, I can’t get it any higher res or blow it up. I’ll try some more, but if you have a specific question about a specific area, I’ll look on my hard copy and do my best to answer your question, if I can.

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