Highway One Closed at Point Lobos temporarily

11:30 am – traffic going north is moving now.
Unfortunately, there was a fatal accident this morning at Point Lobos which has closed Highway One temporarily. Avoid traveling this area for a few hours, if you can. If not, expect long delays.

From a reader: “The policeman on duty won’t say anything. And now they have signs and the LED screen up stating that there is an accident and the road is closed. My husband is going to check from the south. I will let you know if I find out anything more.”

Latest info is that the road *might* open around noon. KSBW is reporting that it would open at 10:30 am, but that time has come and past, and it is still closed. Will update as I can.

Stunning January Days in Big Sur

After the cold, nasty, wet weather of December, January has been unbelievable. For me, it is better than summer, as it is not too hot, and there are no bugs yet. For weeks now, we have had just about the most perfect weather available anywhere in California. Add to that our stunning landscape, and it doesn’t get any better than this.

Here are a couple of Dan Danborn’s photos taken a few days ago:

Grimes north by Dan Danbom

Grimes south by Dan Danbom

Thanks, Dan! Those say it all.

January Weather

All I can say is WOW! Three-day weekend, weather mana from heaven. Blessed are we who are here in Big Sur this weekend. This is a great weekend to come out and play on the Big Sur coast, and frequent your favorite places!

The photodocumentary I posted on the “shitty hang gliders” has generated a lot of attention within the hang gliding community, and I have been assured by too many to count, that this conduct will not be tolerated in their community. The vast majority of the hang gliders commenting here, or on their own bulletin boards are very supportive of our efforts to combat this type of behavior. There are always those few immature individuals who don’t get what the big deal is, or who think I “framed” these hang gliders, or that I am ___ (fill in your favorite pejorative description), but they are clearly in the minority. We have these types in ALL groups of human beings, so that is nothing new.

And on another note – Just another spectacular sunset from last night!

Sunset on 40, by Brendon Shave

Fracking Information

The next Bd of Supes meeting about this issue won’t be until March, but in the mean time, there are many ways to become informed about the process and its affect on the surrounding environment.

Here are some links that have a multitude of informational sources.

One place to start is Gasland: the movie

Here is a very informative article in pdf format one can download that takes the attacks by the oil and gas industry against Gasland: the movie, and addresses the information being distributed. It is also full of interesting links and sources of information. It is 39 pages long:


This one is an article about a spill from a fracking site in Pennsylvania that cause the death of many fish in a nearby stream. In addition, this link provides a source for searching for the number of wells in your state, and the number of regulators. It also has links to graphics showing fracking wells and how they operate:


So, there you have it. Take the time to become educated about the process so you can formulate your own opinion and support the actions of those with whom you agree. It is an emotional issue and deserves your attention.

USFS Press Release re controlled burns

Press Release issued Monday, January 10, 2011:

Los Padres National Forest officials today announced plans to launch a series of prescribed burn projects over the next several months to eliminate piled brush and mechanically treated vegetation on the Monterey Ranger District.

This process will involve crews burning piles of vegetation in order to remove hazardous fuel loads and improve the overall health of the forest. The project will commence when weather conditions and air quality are suitable for safely burning these fuels. The brush was masticated and piled during thinning projects around administrative sites throughout the District over the course of last year.

Burning will begin the week of January 10 and continue through April. If you have questions about the projects, please contact Monterey Fire Management Officer Tom Plymale at (831) 385-5434, ext. 231.

Weather Report, 1/11/11

10 am – quite overcast, which means not nearly as cold as it has been, lately, thankfully.

SLO forecaster has this to say:

“However, the trailing edge of a weak cold front will pass over San Luis Obispo County late Tuesday from north to south with increasing clouds. Rain showers will develop along the Ragged Point southward towards Cambria.

By the time the front reaches San Luis Obispo, it will only produce a few light rain showers/sprinkles on Tuesday evening and night.

Fair weather returns on Wednesday and should last through next
weekend with pleasant weather and much warmer temperatures along the coast with temperatures in the high 60s to the low 70s.


The most of the rain will be to our north, it would appear, and no hydrological issues expected from this storm. Enjoy. (Maybe enough to wash away the evidence of the hang gliders below!)