Soberanes Fire, Day 56, 9/15/16

8 am – Here are two maps from John Chesnut. The first is the general fire, the second is yesterday’s Chew’s Ridge Burn Out operation.


7 am – Good Morning, world. Was so nice to have a clear day without smoke yesterday. I will be having company today and tonight, so won’t be as available as I usually am, but will be checking in on and off.

The BAER (Burn Area Emergency Response) report is already available for the most northern area of the fire Here

First off, the IR Map – not much growth in acreage today:


IR Map in PDF

Here is the link to the Google Earth map of the IR flight, if you prefer that:

Google Earth IR

And here are the weather predictions and fire behavior discussions. They current IMT is doing separate ones for each side of the fire:imageimageimageimage

~ by bigsurkate on September 15, 2016.

10 Responses to “Soberanes Fire, Day 56, 9/15/16”

  1. It was a warm, clear, and sunny day in Pacific Grove as well. Felt like summer, finally. Enjoy your company today Kate!


  2. I missed the activity around Chews Ridge. I wonder if they burned around the ridge or is the heat/red an aberration or map glitch. With the new management team there may be a new attack plan being established.


  3. Mike, they new management team has started a new attack plan and has started backfiring along Chews Ridge. XT has a good post on it from yesterday. Check out the 9-14-16 8:00 pm update here


  4. Thanks Billy. Interesting….


  5. Yes, burn ops on Chews Ridge. Why? It makes no sense to me to burn there now. Looks like they don’t want to wait for nature to determine how extensive this fire will be. Wishing I could make the announcement to the creatures out there … another hellish deadly day in the wilderness.

    Fire crew stated at Cachaguameet a couple of weeks ago that fires are not fought on maps but on the ground. I think this Chews Ridge fire ops at THIS time is a case of fighting fire on the map.


  6. thanks for each day you provide this service!


  7. You are quite welcome. I do look forward to the day when I don’t have to.,



  8. I bet you do Kate! My husband when I was telling him about the article posted on erosion/winter storms and landslides once the rain starts wanted to share this: in an Asian country, he learned that what they do is very low cost, and they lay plan leaves one staggered on top of the other so when it rains, the water trickles on top of the leaves and doens’t touch the soil. And maybe planting new seeds which are working their way up through the winter underneath the palm leaves could guarantee something to prevent erosion later on. I thought that was a neat idea!


  9. Big full moon rising over the smokey Chews Ridge area- fire now going down the north face side basin. Upper air wind direction taking the smoke in a half a figure 8 over the Carmel Valley Village/Cachagua.


  10. Andrew…Was surprised tonight to view fire at night again from Sky Ranch. Must be a slop over from Chews Ridge firing operation you mention as “north face side basin.”


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