Soberanes Fire, Day 68, 9/27/16

John Chesnut Map:


So now we watch two fires, but first our long-standing one, Soberanes. Here are the maps, interestingly, the IR Topo Map does not include a total acreage, for the first time … And I read that a new team comes in on the 29th, a type 2 team from Arroyo. (Type 2 is less complex than the Type 1 we have had since almost the beginning.)


IR Topo Map in PDF


Briefing Map in PDF

Fire Behavior (only East Side) and Weather Predictions (Combined):



7 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 68, 9/27/16

  1. Thank you again Kate from your European based readers. I’m in another wildfire area at the moment – on the Dalmatian coast south of Split. I get your Soberanes update each morning and have had my heart in my mouth as Partington Ridge was so close on two occasions. Our hearts go out to all those so marked and so stressed by this mega blaze.

    And now yet another – no wonder you don’t feel up to all the mighty accurate reporting yet again – all those early predawn calls.

    You are mighty appreciated Kate…. Europe salutes you!

  2. CV Village weather observations dry, low humidity, skies clear above the surrounding hills, but, at the surface there must be an inversion layer because fresh smelling burnt smoke particles are clogging trees & roadways.

    Looking towards the west at mid & the mouth of the valley dark smoke is easily seen at all elevations.

  3. Observations:

    Winds have changed to a NW direction and has done a fabulous job cleaning the air quality & skies clear of all the muck from the mouth of the valley to CV Village. Temp at 90 and 19% humidity.

  4. My husband just drove down Tierra Grande in mid valley. He said he saw a large plume of smoke from the Santa Lucia Preserve area to our south. We just got back from out of state, have not gotten caught up with everything yet but did not observe this yesterday.
    Might anyone have some info?

  5. It is still burning in the Church Ranch area, and they are keeping an eye on Tassajara RD to make sure the zen center stays safe. Otherwise, the fire is burning on the interior areas.

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