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4:00 pm – lots of activity today. Local news reports indicate the missing man is George Carpenter, age 74, suffering from mild dementia has been missing since Dec. 23, 2009 with his black lab, Scooter. Scooter turned up at a local’s residence Wednesday about 7 miles inland from Gorda, up Los Burros and MCSO was seen at a residence up Los Burros Rd. this morning. The vehicle has been found. One SLO newspaper indicates the man’s Jeep was found “near” Ft. Hunter-Leggett property, but one of my sources puts it close to “Lion’s Den” near Los Burros and South Coast Ridge Rd. One local resident reports spotting the “old man” a couple weeks ago up on South Coast Ridge Rd. more on the northern end. I am concerned that the dog left him on Wednesday, and this is Saturday, and we’ve had storms & snow during that time. I hope he is found soon, as, I am sure, does his wife. Let our prayers be heard.

Can not always take a day off. Anyone on the South Coast reading this, the helicopter you may hear is on a search & rescue mission for the SLO man missing since just before Xmas. His dog and Jeep have been located, but they are concerned about the guy and hypothermia, given all the snow. The dog wandered off to someone’s home and his tag lead to the missing man’s family. ATVs will be used in the search only as a last resort. (Information obtained from Sherry Tune, District Ranger, Monterey District LPNF.)

And here is Cone Peak this morning during a quick break in the clouds.

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  1. They need folks on horseback up here!! I don’t have a decent horse to do this on right now. Can’t get out by phone. Tell Duke to tell Sherry to bring Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Horseback Team in here & I can show them where to go!!

  2. Today a man came to the door of a North Coast Ridge road resident near Terrance creek. He had been hurt and stuck in the backcountry for the last 4 days with no food and only a wet sleeping bag. It has snowed on him at night with freezing temps. The Big Sur resident gave him a ride to the Big Sur Station where he was transported to CHOMP I think. He survived so I maybe there is hope for this man as well.

  3. Did the “person” who saw the “old man” on the ridge contact the authorities or has he been interviewed. Since the old man is my father in law, I certainly hope this information got passed on to the correct person – Det. Sue Mickels, 805 431 3037

  4. Could the person Trey Kropp referred to above be George Carpenter? And what is CHOMP?

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