Shale Point Damage Photo Story

The ex has been documenting the slip-out at Shale Point, 3 miles south of Gorda, and shared his images with me. I also have a photo essay about the repair which I will post in the next few days, but will begin with the damage. All photographs by Ralph J. Novoa, Cal-Trans Willow Springs, retired. I will be adding photographs throughout the evening.

Here is the existing horizontal drain at Shale Point. You can see the sea wall to the south and to the north, but it is completely gone near the drain on both sides.

This shows some of the damage to the road.

Here is a closer look.


and that is what did the damage.

Tomorrow, the start of the repairs. It is truly amazing to watch how Cal-Trans and their contractors keep this road that defies gravity betwix the ocean and the mountains. Unbeliveable feats of engineering, guys … and pure guts, Chuckster!

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  1. WOW! That is the exact spot of the many adventures of our “Alder Creek fishin’ days” when John Peck ran the Reel Fresh Fish Company. Back in the 90’s, we were even more crazy than I am now. Most of the dents and dings in my boat were gained here from the crash launches and landings, as well as a whole book’s worth of wild sea-stories. That CALTRANS road was our access, and now it is almost totally washed away. The little beach between the boulders has eroded away also…long ago. Only the memories are left. The fishing was spectacular, and so were the dangers. We even tried launches during 12-foot swells in massive shore-pound conditions. Finally the whole thing became too dangerous, and I can remember the day I declared to myself…”no more!” But the violent surf there pounds on, and now it is eating the road, just like the injuries it inflicted on my boat and body. The power of Nature can be impressive

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