Slip slidin’ away …

We now move from “Storm Watch” (although Tuesday should be a challenge, weather-wise) to “Road Watch.” This photo is of Highway One near Willow Creek. It was taken today, Monday, 1/25/10 by Dave Allen. Thanks Dave!

This location is notorious. If past experience is any indicator, Cal-Trans will keep dumping asphalt in here until it won’t work any more, then will grade the whole thing, adding fill and some base, and hold it. It can easily get down to basically 1/2 a lane and that’s where it looks like it is heading, but despite how “bad” this looks — it has a ways to go before it is a “serious” problem — which is always relative.

Honestly? This is nothing new for the South Coast in an El Niño year. Been there, done that — oh so many times. Willow Springs Maintenance Yard is always one of the most challenged areas to work, and these guys and Angie always pull off miracles in keeping this road open for us!! Thanks, guys and gal!!

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