The Saga of Shale Point: Sea Wall building 101

I currently have about 13-15 photos of the repairs going on at Shale Point, all taken on Saturday, so I’m breaking these up into two segments. The first I will post tonight, Monday, and the second set will go up on Tuesday night. Thursday, I have more coming. All photos by Ralph J. Novoa, Willow Springs Cal-Trans, retired. Boy, am I glad I sold him my old D70. His photos are really getting good!!

The contractors?

Windsor, from Cambria

and Specialty Cranes

Okay, this is to set the stage. See the drain? One can see the slip-out just south (to the right) of it, and it is quite substantial. One can see the remains of the sea wall on both the north and south sides of it, and on the ledge/access road on the south side, you can see the excavator with clamshell Chuck is operating, just above the sea wall. On top, on the highway, the equipment and men are set up.

looking south

looking north with crane in the background.

Okay, now the stage is set for tomorrow’s set of photos, which REALLY shows Chuck Windsor in action, and the building of the Sea Wall, 101.

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