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My first love, Gideon, came home today. He is so much better, and so peppy, it is hard to believe he has been through hell for the last couple of months. His first shot created so many problems. This time, he got two shots in two days, but he is like the puppy he was (even though he is 9 years old – he is a BC/Aussie mix, after all). We are all so grateful for the thoughts and prayers of our extended family of friends. We still have to watch him rather closely for a couple of weeks, but the worst is over. Now that this is over, I should be able to go back to regular reporting.

Here is that beautiful guy, again:

Gideon, the Wonder Dog

8 thoughts on “Gideon News

  1. Hi Kate , Thanks for sharing ,,,,, I think that Blanco had similar feelings for some of his critters too ! Looks like Gideon is the special treat in your life ,,,, sooo glad that you have one like that !!!

    Gosh , your post , mentioning Barbara Whoyt (sp-?) ,,, brings back , v distant memories ,,,, What ever happened to Billy ???

    Would you know what happened to Yuori Ordjonaketzi , from Fort Suphi , or even Wes and Marie ?

  2. Beautiful creature, Kate. Glad he’s on the mend and back with you.

  3. This is fantastic news. He looks very good in the photo. As i’ve said before… these are our four legged kids & anything that happens to them nearly drives us parents crazy.

  4. Yay!!!! What great news Kate!
    I just went through a week of almost losing my Chicky-Bird. Had her at the bird doctor for two days. $350.00 later she is home and on medication and doing better.

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