Photo Contest & Gideon

Today is the last day to submit your entry – until midnight tonight, so get those entries in. Photos and voting in a few days.

Gideon received his 3rd heart worm shot yesterday, his second the day before. He’s had to stay at the vets for the last few days. I go pick him up, shortly. He will have to stay quiet for a few weeks, but so far, he has come through this difficult treatment very well.

Of note: A fire was reported yesterday around 4:15 pm in the area of Prewitt Ridge and/or Wild Cattle. Follow-up reports from neighbors indicate this was a false alarm, nothing was located. WildCAD-LPNF does have a “wildfire” report listed on their site for 6:30 pm, but as I said, it appears to have been a false alarm.

A lot is going on with the traffic light at CV Rd and Highway One. Emails and postings have been provided by Pelican Network and the Chamber email systems. I will try to get a post up regarding this situation in the next few days. Gideon comes first.

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