Soberanes Fire, Day 69, 9/28/16

Current Size: 128,595 acres (91,401 acres Los Padres National Forest; 37,194 acres CAL FIRE)
Containment: 89% Personnel: 1,833

John Chesnut Map:


I haven’t been able to get the IR Topo map, yet, but here is the Briefing Map, to start …

And now, the IR Topo:


IR Topo Map in PDF



Briefing Map in PDF

Fire Behavior and Weather Predictions Discussions:


3 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 69, 9/28/16

  1. Last weekend critter update… Crickets quieting down, raccoons not pedestrians on sidewalks, no citing this week of any, the deer are still on the ridge tops overlooking Skyranch valleys, snake came up from river last Monday, none this Monday. Happy my angels found some candle snuffers for this fire. Farewell to Rocky and Brian Rhodes, I like to think of them as Rocky Rhode I scream (from Marble Peak back burns to Chews Ridge back burns a bit unnerving to say the least). But seriously, really a heartfelt thanks and hope you get to enjoy some real rocky road ice cream.

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