Soberanes Fire, Day 42, 9/1/16

9:30 am – Here is the most recent fire progression map:


Fire Progression Map in PDF

6:30 am – Here are today’s maps. You will note that the fire jumped the containment line at Cold Springs, north of Michael’s Hill, out near the end of Partington Road. My information is that that happened late yesterday afternoon, early evening. My understanding is that they will be hitting it hard from the air as soon as possible.



IR Topo Map in PDF


So Ops Map in PDF

Fire and Weater Prediction Discussions:






4 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 42, 9/1/16

  1. Could be good that the fire jumped by Cold Springs, it has been stalled there for over 10 days. The IC said that they had made many tries to begin burnouts in this area before these high winds and could not get the burnout to burn. They wanted to further ahead of the fire. I would love to see them get past Michael’s Hill on the Coast Ridge Rd and even keep working in small chunks to Anderson Peak as the fire between the North and South Fork of the Big Sur River is way out ahead of the containment line they have on the Coast Ridge Rd.

    On another lighter note, the helicopters are constantly going over our place for weeks now. We have little red dots all over our property, cars, roofs, decks, etc from retardant leaking as they pass over. Feels like we might be part of some contemporary Jackson Pollack landscape painting/performance art piece. I would prefer to be in the art piece without the fire. In the meantime it looks like parts of our property has chicken pox.

  2. Steve, what wonderful visuals you paint!!

    I agree. Would love to see them get the containment line blacked in down to Anderson Peak in the next few days, if possible. Would hate to see the main fire hook in toward the west.


  3. Any chance Air Force One/Obama could have made an unannounced flight plan over the Central Coast/Soberanes Fire while making his expected runs at Lake Tahoe & Hawaii?

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