Soberanes Fire, Day 43, 9/2/16

John Chesnut’s Map:


And here are this morning’s maps. Here is the distance between the Chimney and Soberanes, now down to 37 miles. Chimney is 91% contained this am, however.


You can see the results of yesterday’s firing out operation past Michael’s Hill, as well as more growth to the south. On the east, a couple new spots toward Miller’s Canyon.


IR Topo Map in PDF

There doesn’t appear to be any change in the South Ops Map, and indeed it is left blank for the date, but I’ll include it anyway.


So Ops Map in PDF

And finally, here are the weather and fire behavior discussions:


~ by bigsurkate on September 2, 2016.

16 Responses to “Soberanes Fire, Day 43, 9/2/16”

  1. There will be a community fire meeting Saturday September 3rd. 6:00 at the Cachagua General Store. Thanks !


  2. Kate, Thank you for all you’ve done, your news is the only good news! Would you please forward Sula’s structure analysis to me, I would really appreciate it, Thanks again, Tommy McDade

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  3. For those on Partington Ridge who may be wondering. The firefighters confirmed to me at 7pm last night as they came off the hills, that they completed the back burn at Cold Spring that connects the two dozer lines. So that hand cut containment line on the maps has now been successfully burned to move the fire east. Goodness!


  4. Here is a link to another fire map:,-121.57241&z=13&b=t&a=modis

    On this map, looks like fire was about 2 miles SW of Tassajara Hot Springs early this morning.
    Wondering how the Coast Ridge Road backfiring affects the local fire weather and whether it is driving the fire further and faster East than it would if it was left alone.

    The circles have temperatures in them. Do you think that is how hot it is there?


  5. Burning Operations in Progress Today

    Incident: Soberanes Fire Wildfire
    Released: 6 min. ago
    At approximately 1:00pm today, Sept 2, 2016, crews will begin a low intensity strategic firing operation within the fire containment line near Los Padres Reservoir. Smoke plumes will be visible from the Carmel Valley Road. Helicopters will be in the area supporting the firefighters with water drops. Smoke is not expected to impact any other surrounding roadways.


  6. Regine – Thanks for the map info. Nice


  7. Denise, if you close the map within its website, you can get an update (if some time has passed) by going to the top right somewhere and ask for ‘most recent fire activity. I am still not super fluid with this map. What puzzles me is that there is no activity noted on the East side of the fire (west of the Upper Carmel River). Controlled burn is planned or happening right now, so we’ll see if it registers on this map, next time the satellite passes.


  8. Re:,-121.57241&z=13&b=t&a=modis

    Thank you Regine, this is an excellent map. Kate, is there a link to John Chestnut’s map or a way to view it close up? Thank you both!!


  9. KQED had a report on Tassajara along with other subjects. It played at 6:30pm today. It will play again at 11:00pm. They usually post the report so you can listen anytime, but they have not done this yet. I imagine they will post the audio soon if you want to listen:


  10. Dan, unfortunately, there is not. He sends me the map, but no link, as he does this himself.


  11. Robert, I have been asked to keep some of this private, not by Sula, but by an anonymous Partington resident. If you email me, I will send you the link to the map.


  12. Zen enter audio link, and additional one if the previous one did not get you there.

    Ill test it after I submit it here to make sure it gets you there in one move.


  13. Yes, it gets you to the audio … If you’ve been to Tassajara hot springs, you will know just what they are talking about.


  14. Regine – no new data yet… did you see the “guided tour”? LOTS of options for future playing. (hold your cursor over SARTopo upper left corner for “guided tour”, click SARTopo again to return to map) It did have a problem finding me… which is interesting… and OK with me. I know where I am!


  15. Denise, I think I got a new map.

    If you click on the red X, left top next to unsaved map, you get a new map and can the condition it from a menu which opens when you put cursor over top right rectangle. I am still really just bumping around on this map, hit or miss and then I get somewhere but not sure how I got there.

    Map or no map, Fire knows best!


  16. Thanks to all


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