9 thoughts on “Closure of Highway Extended

  1. What I can’t figure out is why CalTrans doesn’t have one of those electronic billboards south of Carmel that informs people when Highway 1 is closed to the south and where the closure is. Wouldn’t that just be common sense instead of letting visitors get all the way down to Ripplewood in Big Sur and then turn them back there? Doh!

  2. There is an electronic billboard near the Carmel River bridge saying road closed, no detour, and the distance to the closure. It was operating when I drove through around 5 pm.

  3. Of course there is. There always is, BUT people don’t read it, or they don’t read English. A huge influx of Chinese recently.

  4. Or by the time you see/ then
    drive by the billboard you haven’t been able to read the whole message. Think a billboard sign would be better .

  5. From the south, the sign is at Highway 46 and SR1. I think they also have a slightly different sign near Hearst Castle.

  6. Thanks for the update on the electronic billboard near the Carmel River bridge. I’ll take back that “doh!”

  7. Coming from the south there was a closure billboard stating that the highway 1 was closed 2 miles south of Big Sur from the freeway near the Madonna Inn & then on a temporary announcement mini billboard there was one coming from the south just before the 46 (Cambria) stating the same thing.

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