Chimney Fire, 8/24/16

10:30 pm – I had a very busy day, and was unable to post or check on things most of the day. I went and picked up my son, Brendon, from the Hermitage, who has been stranded due to no vehicles. We hadn’t seen each other since May. We went to town together, mostly to take care of my business. On the way home, went up to the visitor center at the Castle (I pulled the media card) even though it was closed, and watched the helicopter fly in front of the castle. I have a few photos I will try to post tomorrow. I am trying to catch up.

8:15 am – here are John Chesnut’s maps. The second one is from a 3 am run, and we think it is possible that all the heat showing SE of the castle may be heat in the column. I am driving by today, and might be able to get a photo, if conditions are right.


Here is the IR Map:


Note: the intense heat on the west side of the fire was as a result of a backfire operation behind the Castle.

IR Topo Map Link to PDF


Progression Map Link to PDF

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