Lost Dog FOUND!!

FOUND TONIGHT, 8/30 in Seaside. YAY~~

Someone let her out of the car, or stole her. Let’s help reunited them. This one here is so close to my heart as she looks like Missy McNab the Mystery Dog, that those of you who have been following me know she made her way into my house and my heart a couple years ago after someone dumped her. Missy looks just like this, only Missy’s ears are always upright, no matter what.


This is Sally Rideout’s Dog. Please help.

4 thoughts on “Lost Dog FOUND!!

  1. assume you have alerted SPCA and the Carmel PD–animal control officer Cindi Mitchell–624-6403 sue mccloud–former Spca Bd. member and former Carmel Mayor

  2. Bless their hearts, one and all, I sure hope she gets back to the family. You have, if memory serves, a very good record with reunitings. As to fabulous Missy McNab the Mystery Dog I remember her beginnings with you well. And as she quickly discovered, any dog in the vicinity of Kate damn well better keep-her-ears-sharp-no-matter-what, be ready to toe the line and save the day, and get loved up by sundown. By the way, I for one am ready for updated pooch pix, when time allows.

  3. Wow, so happy she was reunited so quickly with Sally! I can imagine the face licking on that one. 🙂

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