Soberanes Fire, Day 11, 8/1/16 – Maps & IR Log

See Infrared Images for the updated Fire Edge (as of 8:54pm on 7/31/16).  Maps are released once a day. See Weather Discussion and Fire Behavior Forecast for fire predictions. See Operations Map for Divisions.

Operations Map (full-size PDF here: Operations Map 8-1-16)file-page3.jpgLegendLegendPublic Information Map (full-size PDF here: Public Information Map)file-page4.jpg

Infrared Topo (full-size PDF here: Infrared Topo)file-page2.jpgInfrared with Satellite Image (full-size PDF here: Infrared with Satellite Image)file-page1.jpgInfrared LogLogWeather Forcastfile-page7.jpgFire Behavior Forcastfile-page8Dozer Index

file-page5.jpg0001.jpgfile-page6Dozer Maps (select map to open preview, “view full-size” link located below preview)

Day by day expansion of the fire perimeter 7/26-8/1 for the active burning SE corner courtesy of John Chesnut. VIIRS satellite has been updated with a midmorning capture.  Below are maps with red dots from the 18:00 UTC (11 AM local) capture.  Lines are the IR flight from previous days. As always, please remember that false readings do occur (red dot to the right of Cachagua).
And the approach to South Fork Little Sur off Pico Blanco

Additional links (full-size PDF’s)

Briefing Map – North: BAM North

Briefing Map – South: BAM South

AirOps Map: AirOps

AirOps Helco: AirOps Helco


-To ZOOM in from a desktop computer – hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +)

-Read more about the satellite heat detection here: xasauan today

-Adam Clark has provided an updated link for people to use if they don’t have Google Earth.  You can find it here:  Mapping Support (Black lines are completed Dozer lines and Blue lines are proposed Dozer lines, but they may not be current. Go to the Dozer maps for the most current info.)

-The weather information for the “blue WX rectangles” can be located at: MesoWest (link provided by Larry)

Scroll down to SC07 Central Coast. There are 6 IRAWS which stands for Incident Remote Automated Weather Stations. Each are labeled with a number and location. This page is a summary (refresh the page to get the latest observations) but there are hyperlinks to each station for more detailed information. UTC/GMT time zone is 7 hours ahead.

-Live Air Traffic can be found here: Flight Radar 24

12 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 11, 8/1/16 – Maps & IR Log

  1. Woke this morning to a thick blanket of acrid smoke on the coast at Rocky Point. It appeared in the last hour or two (currently 6:20 am). Anyone know if the fire is moving west again in Div X?

  2. Lucas, Very nice format. Packed in a ton of information and made it usable. Great Job! Thank You.

  3. These maps are invaluable. After studying them, I am still trying to wrap my head around today’s planned backfires on the eastern slope of Mount Manuel. The eastern slopes seem so far away from the more imminent threat to the north. Hate to be a pest, but do you have any other information on today’s planned operation in Big Sur? Thanks

  4. Sally — take this interpretation with a grain of salt (no formal fire training of any kind here), but I would imagine they’re doing the back burn on Manuel now because that’s the only kind of fire break they can put in there, and they want it to be settled before the fire arrives. If you look at the most recent ops map, the “line” between Mt. Manuel and Old Coast Road is a “planned fire line” — NOT a dozer line. That area is very steep and, as we all know too well, susceptible to breach. The areas further north have completed dozer lines, so they’re better protected, at least in theory.

    Can anyone confirm? Or explain where on the east side of Manuel they’re doing the burns?

  5. I’m saddened and disappointed that they have lifted the No Camping signs in Pacific Valley. Living there, I see illegal ‘campfires’ ALWAYS when there are “campers” there. They don’t heed the fire restriction signs, never have enough water- even for themselves to drink, let alone to put out their illegal fire, nor shovels, and leave their TRASH!- but they have been paying attention to the no camping signs- only 1 illegal campers’ fire was witnessed over the 4th of July weekend. We don’t need another illegal campfire started here on the south coast to meet with the Sobranas fire! PUT BACK THE NO CAMPING SIGNS IN PV(and South Ridge Rd./Prewitt Camp/etc…?)!! Besides, I thought camping was illegal on the west side of Highway 1 anyway. It is in San Luis O. Co. and they deal with a LOT less fires!

  6. Tony, I’m not sure that’s right — yesterday there was a revised message that the original “west” side of Mt. Manuel was incorrect — they’re not burning down toward the valley. I was more curious whether they were doing the back burns on the north or south portion of the east side (or maybe of it).

  7. thank you so much for this website, Kate, you are helping the Carmel/Big Sur area a lot with these updates!!!

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