Evacuation of Big Sur

6:30 am – Apple Pie Ridge is fine, they have Cal Fire up there with them, this time. And remember, we fought this before in 2008 and can do it again. I will be off for regular reporting now, Lucas will get the maps up and I will start the local reporting page momentarily.

IF Map released around 5 am –


5:00 am – Too close to home From a friend up on Apple Pie Ridge


4:14 am –  report from a resident on Pfeiffer Ridge … “there’s now a separate front coming over the ridge just east of Mt Manuel. Can see flames peeking over the ridgeline…”

Remember, reports received in the middle of the night, under stressful situations should be viewed with caution. Dawn will bring more accurate reports.

A reverse 911 call at 3:15 called for the evacuation of Big Sur, per a reader who commented:

“This just in via reverse 911: “This is a notification from Alert Monterey County:

The Monterey County Sheriff”s Office has ordered a Mandatory Evacuation for the Big Sur Area from the Point Sur Lighthouse to Graves Canyon. The Evacuation Center is the All Saints Day School at 8060 Carmel Valley Road.”

Sheriff’s office confirmed, order came straight from Cal Fire.”

It is so strange. I woke just a few minutes before this was issued, came in and sat down at my iPad, see emails re fire approaching valley, and while I am reading, I get notice of the reverse 911 call. Eerie.


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  1. Dirk I am told that there are flames visible from Apple Pie Ridge and “glow” from Post Summit to Juan Higuera visible from Pfeiffer Ridge. I have a source going up to the top of Clear Ridge to see what he can see.


  2. Woke up about 1.5 hrs ago. I was clear as a bell and had a phone call with my son at Esalen (who is on a night shift). Lived on Clear Ridge before and got an adrenaline shot hearing fire is coming down into the Big Sur Valley.

    On Tassajara Road: smells like sweet clean air. Opened up the whole house AND closets!. I can hear the breeze in the crown of the trees. Not sure I like THAT.

  3. Can anyone please tell me if Pamela’s animals on Clear Ridge are evacuated?

  4. 3am from cooper pt/ see spot fires backing down slowly from ridge toward apple pie…

  5. We were staying at the Ventana and received a call at 4:00 to evacuate. Wondering how our family and friends staying in rental properties with no cell service will get the info.

  6. 6am from what i can see looking from cooper pt the spot fires seem pretty much the same…moving very slowly….wont be long and they will be able to hit them from the air.

  7. BigSurKate: I’ve been following you on Facebook, and on your blog. I’m so sorry to hear this about Big Sur valley. It seemed like things were going so well, and now this…God Speed everyone.

  8. No confirmation on CHP/CalTrans websites re: Hwy 1 road closure yet. But I was told it might get closed at Bixby Bridge this morning (so not to head down to my shift at the Pfeiffer Fire Camp at the medical tent).

  9. For those not wanting to go to All Saint’s please feel welcomed at our own camp at 3001 Monterey Salinas Hwy (Hwy 68) near the airport (watch for the Dole sign) .
    Palo families are here. It’s on the Calvary Church campus.

  10. If you know someone that should be contacted, reach out to them immediately. In 2008 and 2013, Anne and I were *never* notified by sheriff deputies. Three hours after the 2013 Pfeiffer fire arrived at Martha’s house, 911 only had vague reports of a vegetation fire and only general “be careful” advice. 15 minutes later the phone wires burned.

    So please tell whomever you know!!

    John Alvord

  11. Dumb me… last post was just to get the follow comments box set. The first post holds.


  12. Hey Kate, my name is Stephen Moorer, and I’m Executive Director at Pacific Repertory Theatre, in Carmel. I’d like to offer free tickets to the Big Sur residents and the firefighters to come see the Buddy Holly/British invasion concert at the Golden Bough in Carmel, any performance this coming weekend, August 11-13.
    We play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7:30, and Sunday afternoon at 2 PM. What’s the best way to get the word out? Could you help with that?
    I know it’s not much, but I thought It might be a welcome distraction for everyone.

    A bunch of the theater community is also working on a benefit concert that will take place at the Golden Bough, probably at the end of the month. I’ll keep you informed about it.

  13. I am praying for the safety of the the firefighters and emergency rescue teams fighting this devastating fire. My heart goes out to you and to those living within the Big Sur area. I ask that the LORD would uphold you during this overwhelming and frightening time. Janet, Morristown, NJ.

  14. So so sorry this is happening. I’m sorry to even say this – but -going on for so long – isn’t there any way more planes can be put into action to ” water” – / flood out the fires – any bigger effort taken to stop this fire –

  15. Hi Kate thank you for this wonderful site I love all the info it is so nice to get new info on the happenings around our wonderful area. I live down by Esalen and am a caretaker for the past 11 years here. If there is anyone that needs help with clearance or anything else I am available. I have experience with fire fighting and have tools and gear if anyone needs me e-mail me at rmslick65@yahoo.com and I will load up and be right there. Thank You

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