Soberanes Fire, Day 16, 8/6/16 – Local Reports

6:30 pm –
The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office is lifting evacuation orders for the area of Garrapata Trout Farm Road and Weston Ridge Road (aka Garrapata Ridge Road). This excludes the driveway north of Trout Farm road.
Palo Colorado Road and the driveway north of Garrapata Trout Farm Road remain under evacuation orders.


4:28 pm – Per Kathleen Lee of Dave Potter’s Office (who by the way has been tireless in her assistance during this fire) states she was notified by the IC that they started back burns 10 mins. Ago. YAY

3:30 pm – Post Summit


3:21 pm – Just received this photo from Lacie via Ed of the top of Post Summit:


3:10 pm – from ED Van Weijen:


2:45 pm – this is what it looks like NOW from Clear Ridge, photo by Eduardo Eizner, says it is back of the Little Sur.



2:15 pm – Repopulation is taking place in the White Rock area. The evacuation Order has been made a warning for portions of Cachagua and Tassajara. Cachagua Rd. between Nason Rd and Trampa Canyon Rd and Nason Road are still under an Evacuation Order.


2:00 pm – There will be a public community meeting at the MAF on Monday, August 8, 2016, at 6:00PM. This will be a briefing to provide an update on the Soberanes Fire progress and containment efforts. If you have questions, this is your opportunity to get answers.

Over the past couple of days, planes and helicopters have been applying retardant on areas around Post Summit and Mt. Manuel in part in preparation for back fires that are planned for this weekend. There will be an increase in smoke today as a result of the back fires used to slow further advancement of the fire. (I am supposed to be notified when they start back burning, and of course, I will notify all of you.)

11:00 am – “Cal fire briefing confirmed. Today two pm Cachagua general store. Intended audience are us still inside road closure and yes will be allowed to return to property. Please trevel with drivers license, and a residential bill like PG E bill that matches your drivers license.” From Jolene


“Have a very pretty parakeet hanging around the house this morning. Have put bird seed out for the bird to eat and fresh water. Not letting us get too close. Currently sitting in a redwood next to the driveway. 667-2182. No idea where he came from out talking to CHP this morning when it flew onto the truck rack!”

And BTW, the lost dog in the Highlands was spotted at 8 am in the highlands and trying to get the spotter and owner together.

9:00 am – Just a reminder that the Local Assistance Center is now underway at Carmel Mission Inn, 3665 Rio Road in Carmel. Will be open until 3. Hope folks will come take advantage of having all these services in one place.

This is for information and services for those displaced/affected by the fire. Many agencies (both state and local) are on hand to help with record replacement, property tax relief, community benefits, insurance issues, permits assistance, home inspections, hazardous waste removal among other issues.

7:30 am – Facts sheet important details. Containment still 40%, acres up to 55,600. There is a burn out operation scheduled for today, but Cal Fire did not indicate where it would be, although I suspect it will be the one behind or between Post Summit and Mt. Manuel to protect Big Sur Valley.

6:00 am – I think I was remiss last night in not posting the facts sheet, or at least the acreage and containment. Acres is 53,900 – now up to 55,682 per IR flight before midnight – but containment is UP to 40%. YAY!! We are watching Big Sur Valley closely, today. Expecting a burn out operation this weekend, hopefully, if conditions are right, today. Another day of waking to no visibility due to smokey conditions. As always, I will be posting information here as soon as it is received, or shortly thereafter.

43 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 16, 8/6/16 – Local Reports

  1. I saw the lost dog..Saturday 8am Call me Alan 626-1269
    Call the owner…Van Ess and moving to Spindrift

  2. Any word on palo colorado rd being opened
    for residents? I am extremely surprised they haven’t given a tentative date yet for it appears the fire is mostly out in that area. I dont want to learn if i lost my place over the phone and want to spend some good time by myself soaking in what happened-documenting with pictures- and clean up and restore infrastructure like water lines and tanks. Please forward to midcoast fire brigade to start broadcasting when road might be opening!! Thanks, paul

  3. Thanks for all the great info yesterday everyone. I feel up-to-date. As far as identifying the camper: Satellite images will show where, the car was parked who the camper was, the feds have access to the satellite images. It is only a matter of time before they know who, but they will not announce it publicly. We may never know who…

  4. Alan — such Great news about finding Chase. Do you have the owners cell number? If not, it’s in my car and I’ll call you. Please advise. Many thanks!!! Terry

  5. Backfire may be near (Seco, Branch III and Section L or neighboring section) where Hennickson trail crosses Laurel Springs road. Resident there saw orange crews and water tenders arrive.

  6. Does anyone know if White Rock cabin owners can get past the road closure on Robinson Canyon to get to their cabin?

  7. Thank God about seeing the dog, I’m sending high hopes that this baby ail be connected with the owner. Just a huge shout out to all of you amazing people in Big Sur, the land of our hearts for all you do and all you are. We’re with you 100%. Smoke report in Capitola: heavy smoke spell over here today, wind must have shifted. Congrats on 40% containment. A thousand thanks to the fire personnel, all the volunteers, all of YOU!
    We love you!

  8. I took the time to read the Incident Plan – thank you for including this BigSurKate – and was irritated to read that included within this plan was cautionary instructions for the fire crews in navigating traffic on CV Road and Highway One (CV may be congested + to be on the lookout for fast moving vehicles on Highway One.) Looks like they have narrowly avoided several serious accidents. Again I wonder why Highway One is open???

  9. Jolene or another, Please post summary of 2:00 meeting at General Store if you can. Am wondering if the warning level for Sky Ranch Road is soon to be lifted. I hear from firefighters that the back burns have been incomplete because weather is not cooperating (too cool/moist?), so they cannot get a good burn.

  10. Please listen carefully for specific areas that will have evacuation orders lifted and reduced.

  11. Maia, If we are signed up for text/phone/email alerts, changing from warning to lifted should come through, right? I got the first warning and the second “continuing in warning” status notice but nothing new for days. Thanks to all for calm and patience–and hurrah for Chase/Human reunion.

  12. Earlier post: “The evacuation Order has been made a warning for portions of Cachagua and Tassajara. ”

    Can anyone tell me which part of Tassajara Road is now under warning and which part remains under mandatory evacuation? Thanks

  13. They were not more specific in the release. I suggest you call the fire hotline number at the top of my blog or check with Cachagua Fire.

  14. I took video of the meeting at the all fire meeting at the general store for Joeleen: she wants me to send them to you. Please provide email. It’s 20 mins.

  15. Kyle, scratch online. I will take such a big nap if indeed all of Tass is now on warning instead of Mandatory. I am surprised cause they are still binging in more crew on Laurel Springs for the anticipated back fire.

  16. Here is the text of the alert regarding the Cachagua/Tassajara evacuation warning/order (sent from Monterey Alert website):
    The Monterey County Sheriff Office is lifting the evacuation orders for White Rock.
    The Evacuation Order has been made a Warning for Portions of Cachaugua and Tassajara to include; All residences along Cachagua Road from Carmel Valley Road to Nason Road, Trampa Canyon Road, and Tassajara Road. From Carmel Valley Rd to Tassajara Hot Springs, Zen Center. This includes all roads that lead from the above.
    EVACUATION ORDER STILL IN EFFECT: Cachagua Road between Nason Road and Trampa Canyon Road to include Nason Rd.
    [end message]

    Sounds like a back-burn along the Hennickson’s Ridge area is still in the cards, but maybe not for a couple of days.

    Kate– It might be naptime!

  17. Thanks, Erica…no nap. The fire has reached the top of Post Summit in Big Sur, not good, Will be focusing on this side of the fire for a while, but thank you so much for following up on this, I just didn’t have time right now


  18. Just called our cabin in lower Palo Colorado canyon & the answering machine picked up, meaning electricity restored. Light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks Kate, your blog has been invaluable.

  19. Kate, 1. does the back burns-recently-began info you just received from Kathleen Lee which you mention above ^ refer to down on the southern head of the fire, to protect Big Sur Valley, yes? Not referring to back burns on the East / CV head of the fire? 2. and if so, does that indicate the smoke in the pix posted this afternoon around Post Summit is smoke from back burn ops rather than from the fire itself?

  20. Banjo, I believe it refers to the southern end, but my sources nearby say that really hasn’t started yet. Kathleen has always been accurate, so I cannot reconcile the two different reports I am being provided. There are no indications by the locals on the ground that the Post Summit was actually a backfire. Receiving very conflicting reports, so it is hard to be more accurate.

  21. Kate, thanks so much for your response ^ there to my search for clarification on where the back burn(s) referred to by Kathleen Lee are actually located (i.e. East/CV head of fire, or the South/Big Sur Valley head of fire. Or Both).

    I wasn’t certain if she specified any area to you or if she just conveyed that ‘back burns have started’, which leaves area open-ended.

    I know you’ll let us know when you receive clarification, and source of smoke around Post Summit today (back burn or the actual fire). Thanks So Much.

  22. Banjo I saw on the Cachagua/Tassajara/Jamesburg FB page that back burns began today around 1:30 pm at Princess Camp to remove unburned fuels between the control line and the main fire. I don’t know when the back burns started on Kate’s side but I did see a very large plume of smoke around 3:00 pm as I looked east from my house in CV.

  23. Kate, thank you so much for all the effort you are putting into this blog. We are frequent visitors, and are so worried for all of you and for what we consider to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people of Big Sur have always been lovely, and the land has the most unique ability to restore the spirit. We have been so dismayed to note the overcrowding that seems to be exponentially exploding in recent years. As residents of a high fire region (Topanga Canyon), and lovers of Big Sur, please know we are thinking of all of you, and finding you work a valuable source of information regarding one of the most unique treasures. Please take care, and good luck.

  24. 1:24 am – flames between post summit and mount Manuel. You can hear the dozers headedo up. Some personnel on site. Nw wind, from pull out at Andrew molera.

  25. the fire has spread into the Big Sur valley, broadly crossing Post Summit and descending into Juan Higuera water shed and towards Apple Pie. ouch…

  26. This just in via reverse 911: “This is a notification from Alert Monterey County:

    The Monterey County Sheriff”s Office has ordered a Mandatory Evacuation for the Big Sur Area from the Point Sur Lighthouse to Graves Canyon. The Evacuation Center is the All Saints Day School at 8060 Carmel Valley Road.”

    Sheriff’s office confirmed, order came straight from calfire.

  27. God, please keep the residents and the firefighters safe – please let there be no injuries, or loss of life, as people and animals struggle to quickly get away from the fire – thank you God.

  28. there’s a separate fire front just at the ridge line, coming south around the east side of Mt Manuel.

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