12 thoughts on “Highway One Closure anticipated

  1. I find the writing of this notice to be confusing – Kate, can you add any clarity?
    1. Does this imply a hard closure of Highway 1 . . .
    2. for up to 48 hours possibly . . .
    3. during which even residents cannot drive at all on Highway 1 (?)
    4. and . . . on the entirety of Highway 1 ?
    Don’t they mean on the section of Highway 1 ‘between point X and point Y’?

    Thanks for any clarification you can provide, Much appreciated.
    Especially for those of us out of cat food.

  2. Yes! what Banjo said!? Any clarification on this closure would be great! Thanks for all you do Kate!

  3. Banjo, it is to be a “hard” closure for up to 48 hours. I suspect, but do not know, if it will be a portion of the highway – most probable – as we are not affected down here – or the whole highway. I would make a quick run to the “free” store at MAF for cat food, and any canned goods you need. While they don’t say re residents, given the reason, I would suspect residents will not be allowed between point a and point b, either – they will send me an update when it has been decided where and when this firing operation is to take place. I really don’t think they can be more specific at this time, just trying to get the heads up out ASAP so we can prepare – like getting cat food. 🙀

  4. Thank you Kate! Please let us know whenever you learn what the ‘between points A and B’ would be, as many people would likely not be affected by this at all, and others, definitely house-bound if / when it occurs. You’re the best!

  5. does anyone know if nacimiento- ferguson road will be open during the closure of hwy 1?

  6. It has remained open during this entire 3 week period. I doubt they will close it now, until the fire approaches in a few weeks to a month.

  7. Sending light and hope to all Big Sur residents and evacuees. Ripplewood Resort and their people are the spiritual center of our family where we have gathered annually for almost 20 years. To the Shadwells, Tracy, Leonor and all…stay safe and well. We will see you in 2017!

  8. from Keith’s comments on xasauantoday, it sounds like the backfiring would continue to the south of the Ventana/Coast Ridge road area in the coming day(s). I hope that means the closure might start south of the valley? maybe just hopeful thinking.

  9. Big Sur kate! thank u fur yur GREAT reports-an great pictures-an ‘specially furr bee-ing sure that ur KITTIES haff FOOD!!

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