Soberanes Fire, Day 23, 8/13/16 – Maps, etc.

To give you an idea of where the Soberanes Fire is burning, we’ve included maps that are updated daily. These maps are provided by Cal Fire/US Forest Service.

The latest Heat Perimeter was detected yesterday at 9:00 pm.  You can see the latest Heat Perimeter on the Infrared Topo map. Note: The Heat Perimeter is not current on any other Official Map.

We’ve also included the Weather Forecast, Fire Behavior Forecast and various links that you may find useful. Note: Additional links are located at the end of the post. Some links may open large PDF documents.

Please see Local Reports for the current fire discussion.

Infrared Topo: IR_Topo0001.jpgInfrared Ortho: IR_Ortho0002.jpgIR LogImage2Weather Forecast0001.jpgFire Behavior Forecast0002.jpgOperations Map North: Ops North0003.jpgOperations Map South: Ops South0004.jpg


Briefing Map: BAM0005.jpgProgression Map: Progression Map00001.jpg

Three views from the overnight flight and morning Satellite hits (provided by John Chesnut)

Saturday AM:Saturday AM.jpgApple Pie Burnout:Apple Pie burn out Saturday AMCachagua Saturday AM:Cachagua Saturday AM


Xasauan Today Satellite heat detection discussion

Google Maps Adam Clark’s Google Map with most recent Dozer lines, IR flight overlay, and the Planned Fire Line. Note: You may need to be signed in to a Google account to view this link.

Mapping Support Same as above, but on USGS Topo Maps

MesoWest Weather stations that are located near the fire. Scroll down to S07 Central Coast IRAWS. See the Blue WX rectangles on the Ops maps for locations. There are currently 7 portable weather stations deployed.

Flight Radar 24 Live Air Traffic for the area.  Note: aircraft flying at low altitudes may not be detected.

Additional Cal Fire/ US Forest Service Links:

INCIDENT PLAN Complete Incident Plan as of 8/13/16. Note: PDF may take awhile to download

IAP MAP CARMEL Dozer Carmel as of 8/13/16

IAP MAP SECO Dozer Seco as of 8/13/16

IAP MAP SUR Dozer Sur as of 8/13/16

Public Information Map PIO as of 8/13/16

Air Operations Map Air Ops as of 8/13/16

Firefighting Aircraft PDF guide with Cal Fire Firefighting Aircraft

SITUATION Situation Map (not current) as of 8/2/16 shows previous fire outlines

ELEVATIONS Elevations Map (not current) as of 8/2/16 shows hills and valleys in various colors

12 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 23, 8/13/16 – Maps, etc.

  1. Thank you!
    The original email blast has tomorrow’s day and date. Sorry about that! The post has been corrected to reflect today’s day and date.

  2. can anyone tell us how the backburn went on the old coast road yesterday? Hoping no news is good news! Thanks everyone.

  3. I echo the sentiment on the lost days / time – it’s been like living in a parallel universe, all norms suspended. I also echo the deep gratitude to Lucas and Kate for these indispensable, detailed daily links – Lucas, we are all usually commenting over on the locals-reports links, so I did just want to write on this one, specifically to note our gratitude here as well – the level of information provided here is phenomenal, and deeply, daily appreciated. Lack of comments on this particular thread in no way reflects any lack of relevance, or of Gratitude.

  4. I agree with Banjo. Thanks so much Lucas for all the information you have given us. These has certainly been difficult times, and it helps to be able to understand what’s happening.

  5. Yes, Lucas, I second what the others are saying. Kate’s posts and your “map” posts are the first thing I check every morning – and all through the day – last thing at night – so complete – so dependable. I go to the “locals” post to see if I can glean even more information about specific areas. I go to Xasuan to get a summary to fill in any gaps. I go to Adam’s maps to get a 3D understanding of what is going on. I look at everything, trying to understand, trying to absorb the hugeness of it all. Fire. On such a huge and difficult to control scale – each day a new threat in some other area – each day I feel more and more indebted to the VERY BRAVE firefighters out there, risking life and limb for every one of us. Brave heroes.
    I would venture to guess there are probably thousands of us (if not tens of thousands) who are benefiting – and even surviving – as a result of your daily posts. Thank you – and thank you KATE so much for everything

  6. Thanks Lucas, you are appreciated. Where are you? Kate says on the other side of the fire. Where’s that?

  7. I believe the other side of the fire is about 15 miles East: Jamesburg near Hennickson Ridge, Tassajara Road, where we are still sitting on pins and needles, hoping the fire which is running almost with a straight front approximately South South East through the vast wilderness. I trust IC knows what it is doing by backfiring a (too ???) long stretch on Coast Ridge Road, kind of creating a new fire field on the west side of the untouched wilderness, not clear where they intend to stop it. I hope it is not on Hennickson. That would be more weeks of life going up in smoke, probably extend the August 31 containment date, put Tassajara back in the fire pool, and more.

    While concerned that perhaps the fire will take more than it would without the long distance coast ridge fire operations, I remain grateful for all who work the fire.

  8. Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments. It’s really good to know that people are using the maps and links. Adam, John, Dirk, Mike and, of course, Kate have also been a big help with contributing information. Props to them too! By the way, Della, I live in the Carmel Valley Village. Thanks again!

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