Soberanes Fire Changes in Evacuation Orders and Warnings

And now, 15 minutes before the meeting scheduled for a mandatory evacuation order corridor, it is changed again. I have been complaining about the wording on the facts sheets for days as being not understandable, and asking for changes, as it didn’t make any sense. Finally, they get it right. I was my worst own editor, and now I am theirs. 🤓


~ by bigsurkate on August 16, 2016.

4 Responses to “Soberanes Fire Changes in Evacuation Orders and Warnings”

  1. New evacuation order: Order lifted from east side to Warning. West side warning lifted.


  2. Yup, Steve, just posted it, probably while you were commenting. I kept telling her the East side was not evacuated, but it wasn’t until I posted that the community meeting was being held in an evacuation zone did my comments get an validity. Gotta love it.



  3. Thank you Kate for letting people like myself who love Big Sur and who have spent much time there (in my case, over a span of 35 years) what is happening. Sending prayers of safety and wellbeing to all – from firefighters to residents to animals to trees. ❤


  4. Thank you Kate from your followers here in Paris and elsewhere in Europe, we’re rooting for you all, and hunting for news of course. I am doing a 24/ 7 rain dance for you.


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