Soberanes Fire, Day 28, 8/18/16 – Local Reports

2:15 pm – I am hearing rumors of a community meeting at the Elementary School in Carmel Valley for tonight at 6 pm. No official confirmation, yet.

1:45 pm – Report from Magnus:

PIO’s Jacob Welsh & Richard Hadley called today and wanted me to let folks on Partington know that today, 08/18, will be an ‘active day’ of suppression efforts near Partington Ridge.

1. There may be continued burn-out operations east of the control line along the Coast Ridge road today.
2. There very likely will be much air support dropping retardant onto the Logwood ridge line/trail.
3. There is much support and equipment along the control line and they feel ‘very confident’ that they can keep the fire east of the ridge line.

The logwood ridge line effort is part of an attempt to actually stop the fire from spreading east and south. The probability of success is not great but they consider it worth the effort.

“If we can stop the fire here with retardant, ground crew and weather co-operating, we will save us from a much bigger ordeal lasting longer and costing more.”


1:00 pm – As Jeffrey Carmichael says, who shot this photo below at noon today from Partington, “The March South Continues …”


7 am – Good morning, all. There is smokey drift in all the canyons, but at least I can see Cone Peak and Partington Ridge this am. As someone pointed out to me last night, they have now changed the containment date from end of this month to end of next. No surprise here. Here is this morning’s fact sheet. They are now issuing them in Word, PDF, and jpeg, so much easier to download and upload. As always, I will be here throughout the day to add to this as information becomes available, or to answer any questions that don’t entail dusting off my crystal ball. 🤓 (I think Lucas might have slept in, as it is a tad after 7 and I haven’t heard from him. So maps and links will be added later.)

24 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 28, 8/18/16 – Local Reports

  1. Kate – thank you so much for your dedication, concise and clear updates. We’re currently in the Netherlands and have been closely following what’s going on through your blog – which beats all the other “news” sites hands down.

  2. Thank you so much for you very informative blog. No info here in UK re the Soberanes fire . Our son lives in Pala Colarado and is safe but I do feel for the 57 who lost their homes. Stay safe and thank you once again …

  3. Good Morning, Kate — I would like to PM you on your FB page. What address would you like me to send it to?

  4. Thank you so much for this blog! I was wondering if you know of any reported fire related damage to the Pfiffer Big Sur state park campground area or related structures? It appears from the heat perimeter map that the fire was quite close to that area.

  5. 2 pm backburning right now at the top of Partington. DC10 circling. Gentle south wind.

  6. So far, Heidi, while nerve-wracking for the people close by, the firing out operations have been going exceedingly well – saving everything and everyone they are designed to save, so hang in there.


  7. Hi Kate, Brad at Torre Canyon reports visible heavy back firing on Ridge behind Partington, several plane/helios working. “The fat lady has not sung.” Need news on this-
    Frank Hathaway

  8. Firing Operation back there started around 2 pm, I believe per Heidi. As for more news? You have everything I know or have heard. This has transitioned to the Feds now, and they have never been as good at communicating as Cal Fire has been on this. The Feds have been sending out the same news release each day that Cal Fire sends out between 7 and 8, the Feds send at about 10-11 am. Not good.

  9. Tonight is Back to School Night at Tularcitos in Carmel Valley so I’m doubtful there’s also a meeting regarding the fire.

  10. I could have sworn seeing and reading a Cal Fire Community Meeting news release earlier today for Tularcitos- if what others say above is accurate it would make sense that they would cancel it or at least acknowledge this change.

  11. Thanks Magus for the welcome info.

    “The logwood ridge line effort is part of an attempt to actually stop the fire from spreading east and south. The probability of success is not great but they consider it worth the effort.”

    HOORAH!!! I hope it works for the sake of wildlife and us, east-enders. This is what I have been hoping for, at least that effort!

    While Sobranes was the one and only major fire when it started, extensive plans were possible. Other major fires are burning since, so better to scale down and use resources where needed.

  12. hi kate, i’m just reading through and catching up on today’s progression of the soberanes fire. in your 3:45pm comments you said the fire has transitioned from cal fire to the feds? what does this mean? and who do we follow now? cal fire has been doing such a great job cooperating with all agencies. is there a change in command?

  13. That’s what I am told. Cal Fire still released the Facts sheet tonight, it is up to 79,000, and while it was still listed as Unified Command, Cal Fire was not listed among the agencies, so not real sure what is going on,.


  14. The SF Chronicle, front pg has the article. The person had set the fires in Lake Co., northern CA. setting the Clayton Fire among 12 others. They caught him trying to set the 13th! Yahoo, got 1 person so far and if found guilty, may do 24 years to life. Small consolation for all the pain and suffering of those affected.

  15. Martha, this arsonist was responsible for the Lake County Fires, ONLY, not the others. He lived in Lake County and they tied him to this last one, plus others up there. The Blue Cut Fire in Cajon started after he was in custody. bigsurkate

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