Chimney Fire, 8/31/16

Today is the last day I will be covering this fire, unless there is a flare up, as it is all but controlled, 75% as of yesterday, it hasn’t entered the Silver Peak Wilderness, and all Evacs have been lifted. HOlding at 46,344 acres, 85% contained and only 35 structures threatened.


IR Topo Map in PDF

Here are four shots taken from Rocky Butte Truck Trail from South to North, looking East out to Lake Nacimiento:



~ by bigsurkate on August 31, 2016.

12 Responses to “Chimney Fire, 8/31/16”

  1. good morning kate… so glad for the 75% and thank you once again…


  2. THANK YOU! Looking for the day you state the same for Soberanes,


  3. Thank you! 🙂


  4. Has the cause of the Chimney Fire been determined??


  5. Arson has been ruled out, I believe, but actual cause has not been released.



  6. How nice to only have to worry re: one fire!


  7. Yes, there for a while it was pretty hectic. Now, it’s like, “what am I going to do with all this time?” LOL. Maybe clean my house, as it has been neglected.



  8. Such amazing work you did on this. What a relief to see it slowing down.


  9. Thanks so much for covering the Chimney Fire.


  10. Thank you for your coverage of the Chimney fire. All your reports, maps,photos and comments were helpful to many of your neighbor’s down south during these anxious days.. Now the next best news will be the Soberanes fire dies a peaceful natural,death!


  11. I say ditto to everything everyone has to say plus a huge, huge Mahalo to you Kate!


  12. Kate,

    Cambrian: “Authorities determine cause of Chimney Fire”


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