18 thoughts on “Planned Closure of Highway One tomorrow

  1. My GF and I both received calls from Esalen staff alerting us to the situation including the possible road closure. One staff person said to take US 101 west from 101 to Hwy 1 north. The other suggested Naciemento Rd from King City, which would be perhaps an hour shorter, but over the mountains on a narrow, windy road ending in a steep downhill. What do you locals think?

  2. where do they mean by “North Coast Ridge road” and hwy 1? at Molera SP, above Ventana or further south?

  3. I’d say take a sick day. Sounds like both were saying the same thing, as Nacimiento is the way to get back to one, unless you go down to 46 in Paso


  4. Ripple: Not sure of the direction you’re coming from but if you can get thru the Big Sur Valley heading south from Carmel before 2 you should be able to get thru before they close the road. I read the closure as from Pt. Sur Lighthouse (or the south end of Old Coast Rd) to perhaps the entrance of Ventana where Coast Ridge Road is accessed. The access for Ventana has been closed for I don’t know how long, certainly since Thurs. when I went north to Monterey. Note that there is an Old Coast Rd and Coast Ridge Rd, which are 2 different roads, but both being closed. If you can’t get thru the BS Valley before 2 pm then you can do the HWY 101 access to Jolon Rd (around King City) to Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd, it’s a 1.5 width car lane road thru the mountains. So you have to be fine with that. Pay attention to the signs for Hwy 1 once on the N-F rd. When you get to Hwy you’ll make a right to go north. Another route is Hwy 101 to 46 W towards Cambria then Hwy 1 north. Once you’re on 1 it’s another 80 min to Esalen.
    I hope that helps with some decisions. GPS doesn’t always work in the mtns., that’s why I’m being specific!
    Drive safe, as always.

  5. @Ripple: if you aren’t accustomed to winding mountain roads, then naciemiento-Ferguson will feel very long and tedious. In winter I liked to scare the tourists and and say that you should be traveling with a sleeping bag and couple gallons of water, because you never know… (granted I always travel with this in my car and more). And to emphasize a previous comment: no phone service for much of south coast, so best to plan your route beforehand.

  6. Coming from the north, I think the quicker route is HWY 101 to Jolon Rd to Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd to Hwy 1 then south to Esalen.

  7. I find it highly irresponsible of anyone to recommend to a tourist to take Naci-F rd! No cel service, or any kind of service at all, so if one of the many many rocks gives them a flat tire, how many miles will they have to walk in mountain lion back country until they can find help!? And what happens when just one throws their lit cigarette out the window, as we all know too well from the many grass fires started every year on Hill’s ranch along the Point Sur Light-station- the south half of Big Sur will go up in flames, too! I could go on and on about how wrong it is to recommend that road, but I think I’ve made my point- I hope so, anyway. Please STOP it!

  8. LOL, you must be one of my neighbors. That’s how we all feel about it, but Esalen always recommends this way, as to the Businesses in Big Sur Valley.


  9. Yep, they’re in their own little bubble there (wow! I used all 3 forms of ‘there’ in an 8 word sentence! Lol). But I hope to CLUE them in on reality in Big Sur- I know some of them and try to explain, but….
    Yep, I’m in PV and have been wanting to meet you for over 4 years now! I’ve known your son for a couple. Maybe this year’s jade fest so many I can finally thank you in person for all you do for our community 🙂

  10. Is it my imagination but aren’t the planes that are doing to San Francisco NOT going this route above the Monterey Bay, above Santa Cruz and into San Fran Airport? We are not hearing the jets like before and I can imagine if they go the route through the fire and then some it can only be very hot and unsafe for them. Just a minor question and certainly nothing vital to know. Mostly curious.

  11. Well, I posted a photo taken on a LA to Monterey(?) flight over the Soberanes, and another over the Chimney, so not sure.


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